Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Getting better and better

Hi everybody.     I'm back from last week's five month check-up at Johns Hopkins Department of Neurology in Baltimore MD.   The course of action and treatments begun last summer is working,  and I'm doing very well,  scoring 47 out of 49 on their standard neurological test this time,  a huge difference from my score of 27 when they tested and examined me last June.   When I was leaving, my doctor said I looked so good that I shouldn't be in a hospital.    I remain on the immune suppressant - same level as organ transplant patients,  and go back for another check-up early next fall.    They think the immune response has stopped but don't want to take any chances.    As I've said before, nerves take a long time to heal and regenerate.   This drug can encourage some cancers so they don't want me on a high dose for a long time.   In the meantime, they will be monitoring me through periodic blood tests done here.

So,  I am living and doing many things I could not do for so long,  and, at times, wasn't sure if I would be able to do them again.   I'm not running around yet,  but I am able to do most anything I used to do, including drive.     No wearing heels yet,  but my feet, toes and ankles are getting stronger.    I am wearing the garments I sewed over the winter and last spring/summer and enjoying the crazy warm spring we're having here, but not the high pollen count.  

As you can imagine,  I've got a backlog of things I need to do and take care of.    I hope all of you are enjoying good health, good weather and stay safe from  these bad spring storms around the country.  When I sew something worth taking about,  I promise to post it.

Thursday Note:     I want to thank all of you who commented for your good wishes and support.   To clarify a bit,  my score on the neurological test is based on answers to a number of questions about being able to do simple daily tasks without difficulty, like making a sandwich or being able to wash my lower body.    The answers are 1) can't do it at all 2) can do it with difficulty or 3) can do it with no difficulty.   Last summer I had to answer #1 or #2 to many that I can do with no difficulty today.  I still have a way to go as far as rebuilding my strength and endurance.   It's a "Catch 22" situation, since I can't build muscle to be able to do things like run, walk fast or far until the nerves in my feet and legs and knees have completely regenerated and repaired.