Saturday, May 19, 2012


I wanted to post this update to respond to many nice inquiries about how I was doing.   I am doing just fine, recovering as quickly as one can after what I've been through.   My husband and I are in the process of moving so sewing is on the far back burner.  

I switched my blog to private for a while because I just didn't feel like dealing with the kids in the playground the internet has become.   I did get part of my sewing room set up this afternoon.    It's a huge room with lots of light and two closets in the back with lots of shelves.     It was originally a music studio.

May 20 -  Thank you all for the good wishes.   

I had a little setback yesterday evening after I posted this.   Walking into the room we use as our office, I slipped on a small thin carpet right inside the door on the oak floor.  Guess who had put it there with none of that rubbery non-slip stuff underneath?  The same guy who slipped on the one next to the bed twice and didn't want to admit it.  Why did he go flying?  I found out he had not put the anti-slip stuff underneath the carpet - Duh!  As the rug went out from under me,  I fell on my back and my right foot slammed up against the maple desk.   Thank goodness the little drawer unit the back of my head hit has soft plastic drawers or I would have cracked my skull.  I broke my toenail and couldn't stand on the front/ball of my foot without pain.   So this morning I went to get it X-rayed at a walk-in clinic.   Good news - no breaks!   But I won't be able to do the same physical therapy on that foot until it heals.    Liife goes on.