Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A new house and a re-styled outfit

Outside kitchen window
How to get to the front door
You asked for pictures so here are some.   This is a contemporary house in a private neighborhood off a private road just outside the Asheville city limits.  We have almost an acre of all trees so I don't need curtains on any window.   In addition to these wonderful windows, there are many skylights and clearstory windows that let in lots of light - even in the bathrooms!   There is lots of open space with room for my carpets on the lovely oak floors.    My sewing room is on the lower level - you can see the stone patio in first photo.   I donated much, and kept only minimal furniture and other necessary items.   My goals were no clutter and easy to clean.   And I have no trouble going up and down those, or any other stairs, even carrying a grocery bag with handles in each hand. 

I'm wearing a knit Anything But Ordinary top from Louise Cutting's pattern that I restyled by removing the sleeves in 2009, and a Loes Hinse Tango skirt I sewed in 2006.    Can't remember where the variegated knit fabric came from.

Windows looking onto front deck
With a pair of Turkmen prayer rugs
And here's how big the wild turkey chicks are now ... with mom always watching over


  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful part of the world with us! The peace and privacy must be ideal.
    Love the colours of this outfit on you...
    ✿ Judy
    made by J

  2. So lovely and peaceful - both you and your new home!

  3. So happy to see your post and know you are doing great! Beautiful home -- and I love the wild turkeys.

  4. Wow, Terry - on all counts! What an absolutely lovely setting you have to live and work/sew in. That shot of you in front of the windows shows you, the outfit, and the house to best advantage.

    When you said you were moving, I imagined a single level house with no stairs, lol. It's wonderful to see you so well again and, btw, were do you find those cute flats that you wear in a lot your shots? They are feminine and stylish while at the same time... well... flat. Since retiring from the working world a few years back and spending my time in the gardens or barefoot in the house, my back & feet had taken an intense dislike to heels.

    Congratulations and enjoy your new home & studio,


  5. Thank you all. Gayle, everything is pretty much on the main floor - kitchen, great room bedrooms and even the washing machine/dryer just off the master bathroom so I'm not having to go to the basement to wash. DH is designing a removable clothesline for the back deck - gotta have our clothesline! This house had everything (and more) in a house we paid an architect to design, but was already built and cost a whole lot less than building. The stairs and hills do provide good exercise

    I also go barefoot around the house all the time when it's warm.cannot wear heels and wore mostly flats even before that. Aerosoles are a good source and these came from the Vera Wang collection at Kohls. I found them in the clearance section for less than $10.

  6. Thanks Terri. The beauty of online shopping is that you can see and then order to try on so I may try that with the aerosoles ones. Great buy on those ones, btw.

    Isn't it wonderful to have the laundry on the main floor? We built when we moved here 5 years ago and that was one of the things on my list (along with a big main floor pantry) and it is so much easier in all respects. My sewing area is on the lower level but we have a walkout so I figured if worst came to worst and I couldn't handle stairs, I'd just go outside and walk/wheel around the house to get there, lol. My clothesline is off the deck too but it's a permanent fixture - we're too far out of the city to be affected by any clothesline ban. Hanging among the trees, it's really pretty unobtrusive less it's full of pre-washed fabrics flapping in the breeze.

    thanks again,


  7. Love seeing you back and feeling so much better. Your sewing is awesome, and I love the thought of your open uncluttered house.