Sunday, August 19, 2012

TSW eDress

Size 1.5 before washing/drying
Too large
eDress after washing/drying
eDress has shrunk one size, the armholes are back to normal,
and the bindings curl nicely

While awaiting the arrival of Louise Cutting's newest pattern, Take Me Anywhere,  I ordered this download pattern and printed it out.   It looks great on each of the ladies on the TSW site.   I compared the sizing and measurements to similar styles I wear and decided to start with size 1.5 - better larger than smaller because this knit shrinks up after regular washing/drying.   Due to fabric limitations, for this first dress I folded up the dress portion ten inches, similar to what I did with the TSW Tosca dress pattern.  I left the band the same length.    

I used fabric that was left over from several previous projects including the eShrug.   It doesn't ravel and ruffles up at the cut edges, and you can work those stripes.    So I got to play with it again for this wearable muslin of the eDress.   You can see how I styled and executed the bindings at the neck and arm edges on the TSW eDress Flickr Set.   This knit does not have stretch so sewing on the armhole binding stretched the armholes out.   I then washed and dried the dress with a load of cotton clothes, even though the fabric was pre-washed in cold water.  The "after" are the headless photos above to emphasize the overall fit and changes that I anticipated.

My next iteration of this dress will be in the smallest size and in a meatier, stretchier knit.   In the right size the eDresses will work for me in longer or even shorter lengths, and I may make the eDress/skirt shorter than this dress.  The shape of the skirt is similar to the skirt I'm wearing with the Babette peplum top in a previous post.   Another dress and skirt are part of some transition coordinates I'm working on that include some TSW Ann's tops and the TMA  jacket.    The band allows you to pull together coordinating fabrics in interesting ways.

BTW the top of this dress is the same shape and sizing as the Ann's top so you could easily make a top out of it.    All in all,  I think the pattern will yield some wonderful casual coordinates and this first dress looks nice with this white ISCHIKO summer jacket.    


  1. Love it with the jacket - great choice! Dresses with the larger band on the hemline are the 'in-thing' at the moment and this dress of yours fits right in that category. Well done...

  2. It looks like a great, useful basic!

  3. Lovely, just lovely. And the jacket looks so very nice, especially how the proportions of the jacket and dress complement each other. And, again, it's so nice to see you doing so well. Hope your health continues to improve.

  4. Very nice and the jacket is great with it. Looking forward to seeing #2 version you create.