Sunday, October 7, 2012

September was a good month

I haven't sewn anything new since my TSW eDress but I've altered and hemmed and planned for next weeks sewing retreat/workshop in Winter Park FL with Louise Cutting and Linda Lee.    I was all ready to attend last year but too near the very end of the risky TPE treatments and my blood pressure became too low to even consider leaving town.  But that is history and when I finished and went to Johns Hopkins on October 27, a year ago, and got the catheter removed, I scored 39 out of 49 on their neurological test.  At my six month check-up on Tuesday September 25 and I scored a perfect score on the neurology test - 49 out of 49.    I will be driving myself to Florida!

I believe that nothing happens by chance.  We can let others make decisions for us or we can take charge of our own destiny.  There are choices.  If I hadn't taken charge of my life and my body, I wouldn't be where I am today.

I listen to my inner voice.   On one trip to Washington back in 2006 before I retired, I was driving up I85 and was nearly to the VA line.   At the time I drove a Chevy Malibu.  Traffic was moving along nicely and I was coming up on a rest stop and didn't really need to stop for anything.  But something said, stop there and take a break.  I never stopped at a rest stop without a reason before.  So I pulled in and parked for about 15 minutes.    As I drove out and approached the highway, the  traffic was at a standstill.   I merged in with the cars and just a few miles up the road several cars were upside down or turned over - one a Chevy Malibu exactly like mine.    I've had many experiences where a simple, seemingly innocuous choice or decision - some call it intuition, led me to a person or to a different path and consequence than if I hadn't acted upon the suggestion.   

Life is a journey.  Along this segment of mine I have been connected with, and embraced by many wonderful and interesting people who gave me precious gifts of encouragement and comfort, some I've never met except virtually and by phone.   I avoid narcissists and their negativity, greed and selfishness.  My journey isn't over, and as with all my other life experiences,  this one has been a great teacher.  



  1. Very thought provoking post Terri. I too believe things happen for a reason. Congratulations on your great test results. Have a wonderful time at the retreat!

  2. Terri, I'm so glad for you...taking charge of your body is a very important thing to do. I know you'll enjoy EVERY MINUTE of your upcoming sewing retreat. Brava!

  3. Smiles and Kudos to you :) :) :) I also believe in listening to my inner voice (which can often be drowned out by other voices...not always voices from other people...we can have some interesting dialogues with ourselves, don't you think?), and I also totally believe that no matter what happens, we ALWAYS have a choice. We certainly have choices in how to react to it.

    Many blessings to you, and your inspirational, and thank you for your honest telling of your story :)

    ::sigh::: here goes attempt #2 at proving I'm not a robot....sorry, but I am on a mission to eliminate these word verifications from peoples' blogs!

  4. Thank you Sewfast, Margy and Jilly ! And thank you for inspiring me with your sewing and creativity too.

    And Jilly I hate em too so I got rid of that word verification thing for a month or so and then was deluged with spam and garbage comments. I'll take it off again and see what happens ....

  5. GREAT news on the neurology test, Terri! Have a wonderful trip next week.

  6. Terri - very true words. Life is precious and short . It is so important to listen to our intuition and be proactive in making decisions about one`s self. In the long run you are so better off even though thoses intial choices can be scary.

  7. Congratulations Terri! That is wonderful news.

    What a lovely, thought provoking post. I believe we should all listen to our inner voice more than we do, and that we always have a choice as to how we deal with whatever life throws our way.

  8. So true, the life journey can certainly get rocky sometimesl, but our own strength can get us through with support from friends and family. Every day is a blessing and good health is a gift everyday! So happy you are doing well now!

  9. Terri - love your clothes line on the deck. I have one on my screened porch and love it. Flash back to my childhood - hanging out all our clothes to dry.

    I have asked this question on SG but know that you sew many LC patterns and particularly the one seam pants. What could be my problem with the hem hiking up slightly at the seam? Has happened on various fabrics (linen, knit, light weight wool). I use cotton thread. Has happened on some pants and not others. What on earth am I doing wrong?? If you have suggestions I will certainly be appreciative.

    Glad your health is better. Have a good friend who experienced similar "journey". She is fine now but had to work hard to get her health back as I am sure you know.

    Love your part of the country. We have visited Ashville many times and love the area.

    Thanks for your suggestions on my pants problem.


  10. Jerris, I just took the dark navy One Seams I sewed in a tropical weight wool w/lycra marked Donna Karan from G Street years ago. I examined the hem and saw no issues there. I am perplexed with your OS hem issue. Since it's the inseam, has this happened with any other pants you've made? I'd e-mail Louise and even send her photos of the subject hems.

    Thank you all for the good wishes. I need to update the blog.