Monday, January 7, 2013

"Free" eSkirt and update on the chinchilla boys

eSkirt front
eSkirt back
"Free" because it's from fabric leftover from the Stella and Ann's Tank tops.   It appeared that there was only enough left for a band on a eSkirt from The Sewing Workshop eDress pattern.  After I couldn't find anything in the stash that worked well with this fabric I took a closer look at what was left and, voila, I had enough for a shorter skirt and a band with no changes.   This is my first eSkirt from the eDress pattern, and I like it.  I used a 4 thread serged seam with a slight differential feed to control puckering on all seams, seamed two pieces for the back band and then put the fold edge of the pattern on the seam.     It's a nice "just below knee" length and I didn't hem the band at all.   I'll be making more of these.

Chinchilla Update

Since the young one went psycho and bit Woodley all over (ref the Chinchilla Shaming post), the boys have been living in separate cages, Woodley the Gray in the big cage, and Snowball the Brat, in Woodley's old cage.   Snowball would look forlornly at the big cage and his old "friend".   I didn't want to chance him attacking the old guy again, but two cages were a pain.    So, we decided to create two separate apartments in the big cage by inserting a slatted wooden divider.  Woodley lives in the top apartment (where he likes anyway) and Snowball gets the first floor.    Yesterday they moved in and checked out their space and inventoried their stuff.    They are both happy for now.   More photos on the Chinchilla Flickr set.


  1. Love the 'free-eskirt' - can easily see why you will be whipping up some more!

  2. Great skirt, Terri. I'm guessing you have several items to put with this!

  3. Great Skirt Terri and I love your solution for the boys!!!