Saturday, March 9, 2013

Neutral Coordinates for Spring

Well it's already 65 and sunny outside.    Our house is a passive solar design and faces east.   It's wonderful when the sun shines through the windows and skylights.   I was too ill and the weather was too yucky for a photo of me wearing the My Hearts A'Flutter blouse after I made it,  so I got my stylist to take some photos this morning.   Don't you love the lines on this one.   I'm still wearing, the designers are showing, and the stores are still selling straight leg pants like these.  These are Kalso Earth ruched suede gladiator sandals that I have in the taupe and black.   Love the comfort and style of these.

I also did some great snoop shopping at Neiman Marcus Last Call after doing the Expo on Thursday.  They had just gotten a shipment of uber expensive designer pieces with great lines and details.   And one of the associates was a fellow sewer who was arranging the new pieces while we discussed the details and I tried them on.    I didn't see anything I felt like trying on so no photos - but I did buy two vests with unique details that I can really work into my spring coordinates.      Here is one of them.

This long striped vest (or sleeveless jacket) is by Piazza Sempione.   It is stretch cotton, unlined with every seam or hem trimmed with a fine cotton Hong Kong finish.     It's from the Spring 2012 line and the style (not the same stripe) is shown with a long blouse and skirt in this runway photo from NY Magazine.    I knew I had these 4-ply silk pants in a warm sienna brown that would coordinate and lots of white linen and a couple white dresses it will look great over.   I love easy neutrals for spring/summer.   Doesn't the long blouse look like the Artist in Motion top?
Piazza Sempione Spring 2012
NY Magazine Fashion


  1. That's a super looking vest. If a person could find the right coordinating fabrics, it would be a good garment to knock off. I love your white top. It looks fantastic on you.

  2. I am enjoying your new creations b/c they give me added inspiration to sew. While I do like a pop of color in summer clothing( here and there,) it is the neutrals that remain timeless and work w/ many clothes in the closet already ~ I really have 2 main "sets" of colors I work in for the most part ( year round) One is the use black/ white co ordinates the other is all shades of beige,brown etc
    However in summer I tend to sew a lot of navy and this year it will be accompanied by spring green for fun! Terri, you do such a great job on your sewing, matching exquisite fabrics to pattern, you are such a sewing inspiration! I also enjoy the CLD flicker photos,it is great to see some of these wonderful patterns sewn up~ thanks for the hard work you did in setting that up, I am sure it did take time on your part
    And I sure do love the lace HAF pattern~ simply gorgeous that is all I can say about it,,,gorgeous,
    Stay well and enjoy the warm weather!