Friday, February 21, 2014

Stella top and eShrug coordinates

Last post I showed you the floral lace skirt using the Relax A Little pattern worn over a cotton knit dress with a textured knit cardigan.   Early this month I "auditioned" these fabrics to see what they coordinated with and what they wanted to be.   Here's the photo where you can see the green Peruvian connection dress that I planned to wear them with/over.   The photo below is the best representation of the colors, and you can see that the knit and lace also work with that mulberry plaid skirt in the Berry/Chocolate coordinate group.   Now I have three new pieces in the lace and the knit that coordinate with several garments I sewed earlier this fall/winter, and others I already owned.   They are light enough and layerable that I can wear them into spring.    In addition to the skirt, I intend to make a 3/4 length, long sleeve eShrug using the lace, and narrow hemming it the same as the skirt.    It will look wonderful over the green dress and even black dresses.

Stella top sans sleeves

The textured knit is very drapy and semi-sheer in places so I knew I wanted layering pieces.  It drapes but does not have recoverable stretch.  I got this from Fabric Mart a few years ago and don't remember the fiber content.   The crinkle/stretch lace is current Fabric Mart.     I enjoy the neckline of the Stella tops I've made but I didn't want sleeves.   If you omit the sleeves and simply serge and turn under the seam allowance you have a nice over the shoulder look - where a cap sleeve would end.  I used a lightweight knit stabilizing tape on the shoulders of both knit tops, and along the V before sewing the doubled cowl piece in.

Here it is layered over the green knit dress and it has a peplum look if belted.

Keeping it interesting, but simple considering the knit fabric, I cut out an a eShrug with the remainder.   I tapered the long sleeve eShrug pattern using the sleeve from one of my Babette SF jackets as a template.    The eShrug cardigan looks great over the sleeveless Stella top or just the dress.  

eShrug with long tapered sleeve
I lengthened this eShrug.  The front is straight (vs angled per the pattern) aligned with the selvedge to make use of that fringe.    I cut the sleeves on the crossgrain, placing the desired hemline for my sleeve length on the selvedge.  

I just serge finished the remaining raw edges with mixed thread colors to blend in with the knit.   


  1. I love the Stella top and how such a simple pattern can be combined to make a sophisticated look. Thanks to you I now use the auditioning method before sewing. It has surprised me how much the fabric I have bought in the stash goes with each other no matter when I bought the fabric. It has given me confidence to buy fabric only on what I like not on price. I walk away now if I can not find what I want and like, at the same time I will spend more on a piece of fabric than I would previously. Just don't buy quantity going for quality!

  2. Glad something I did helped you Jacquiaanne! I find that the colors that I am drawn to tend to work with each other. If somebody like Dries Van Noten can mix patterns and textures and colors (and his collections sell out!) so can we. That knit and lace (France) are good quality but were not expensive. The dark mulberry textured parts of the knit left the biggest pile of lint in the dryer when I gently prewashed and dried it. I wasn't sure of the fiber content so I didn't want a surprise textured up thing when I did decide to wash them.