Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bits & Pieces of Inspiration and Progress

Thanks to everyone for the complements on my latest Ikina Jacket!  I found this ETRO jacket with a real mink collar on eBay  styled much like mine.   Take a look at the large photos to see how they pieced the silk-embroidered pieces in what looks like a log-cabin quilt pattern - interesting if you want to play with your embroidery machine and do some fashion quilting.    As many of you know,  I'm always on the lookout for great inspiration and there are photos of more ways to do a swing style jacket with front bands like this in this Snoop Shopping Set on my Flickr photos,  including more ETRO jackets.

I worked on the alterations for my Tosca dress yesterday.   Since the original length of 46 inches in that style dress doesn't work for me at  5'5", I must shorten it by ten inches.  The lengthen/shorten line on this pattern is right around the bustline but if one folds ten inches out there, it messes up the side seam lines.  I also need to adjust the armholes that are way to low.    I gave up and e-mailed Linda Lee to ask her advice about it and she suggested folding out smaller amounts in various places and then re-draw the side line.  Linda also told me they posted photos of my Ikina Jacket on the Sewing Workshop Facebook Page

I got an e-mail today from Louise Cutting who said she was busy with processing and mailing to those on her pattern auto-ship list her new '2 X 4' Pattern for 2 tops with several variations.    So the wait is almost over for that highly anticipated pattern!   Here's what she said about my Ikina, "Your jacket looks wonderful. The Chanel way of sewing takes a long time...I used to teach it in the store and we did a jacket over 5 weeks at one full day a week...there was so much homework for them to do.....  I still see some at expos and everyone says they still have their jacket and still wear it!"

Louise had done some snoop shopping at Neiman's in Boca Raton, and was excited about a vest with a beautiful front drape that inspired a modification to her Anything But Ordinary jacket pattern, eliminating the sleeves.  She said that she is going to make up one to show that option for her constantly updated  'I love you to death, now change'  class that she teaches with variations on the patterns.   I told her that wanted to make a faux Persian lamb vest that will work over one of her tops from the forthcoming pattern and this mod might be just the style.

Here's a full length photo of the Textile Studio Basic dress with the Ikina Jacket.   I thought about shortening the dress, but the knit drapes so nice, and I think it's just fine for fall/winter.   I wore it with another jacket Thursday night to a Christmas party and got many complements on the dress from women and many of the young men!    The shoes aren't Terri's typical shoes but these are Alegria Paloma shoes that were recommended by my physical therapist.   I can't wear shoes with heels and flat slip-ons come off my feet - very dangerous.  These have a flat sole and the straps with velcro that secure them to my feet.  Hey if I have to wear shoes like this they might as well be fun and interesting!    One of my DAR friends loaned me her cane and a fancy walker.  We picked them up Friday.  I hate to have to use these things, but after falling down several times in different places over the last week,  this is necessary.   Even with the assistance of the therapist,  I crumpled at my ankles and feet on the pool deck at the therapy pool bruising myself up.   I thought I broke my little finger last week after falling here at home, but it just hurt a lot.

In closing,  I want to thank everyone who has e-mailed, called, posted and given me good wishes and moral support.  Attitude is everything!  I hope everyone is persevering with your own lives and situations this time of year.    "Happy holidays" is certainly what you make of them.

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  1. What a beautiful rendition -- I love your fabric! I'm anxious to see the Tosca dress. I saw the pattern last week. Your work is elegant, as always.