Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Work on the Sewing Workshop Tosca Dress

I got back up to the sewing room today, finished my alterations, then traced the pattern pieces onto vellum tracing paper.    I compared the armhole depth and the finished length to one of my sleeveless dresses.   The front dress pattern piece is the full front with a grain line marked from top to bottom at center front.

The armholes on the front are OK -- the back ones were much deeper.    So I folded out the depth at the back and not the front.

The length of the side seams was folded out to match.    I then trued up the lines and traced the altered pattern.  Here are the pattern pieced taped to my mirror frame with trusty Frogtape so the vellum doesn't crease.

 The only facing requiring alteration was the back armhole facing so I just drew a new one using the altered back pattern piece.    I had already traced the others onto pattern ease over the weekend.

I plan on sewing up a wearable muslin in this Ikea cotton print before cutting the silk twill.  


  1. Keep working - I can't wait to see your results.


  2. I must tell you that I am truly impressed by your work...but also by the fact that you are constantly sewing.

    This to me is amazing in itself. I am so inspired by the fact that you continue to focus on this positive outlet and do not allow anything to deter you.

    I am totally inspired. Thank you Terri :)