Monday, July 18, 2011

August Burda Style - Always a Favorite Issue

This year's is no exception.   Since my issue should arrive next week, I googled and found a preview on Katherine's blog in London, UK  where she linked to the Burda Russian language site with all the styles and patterns.   Why can't I find it easily anymore?  

Well I'm loving so many of the simple, elegant and easy to sew styles that I don't know where to begin.   The dresses with the interesting necklines are very stylish and wearable with details you can easily add  to your favorite dress silhouette.   For example,  I added a soft bias collar like that of pattern #123 to one of my Loes Hinse Princess Tank Dresses a couple of years ago.  

So here are my favorites.    First, there is this easy raglan sleeve shrug/jacket for knits that I'm definitely going to make.
Pattern 117C
Pattern 117D
I love to layer and the right vest kicks up your style tremendously, whether over pants, a skirt or a simple dress.    Vests are sleeveless jackets and I love how 3/4 length and longer jackets lengthen and slim.   So that's why this vest is my favorite.    It has simple lines and will be a great addition to anyone's fall wardrobe.

Vest pattern 133

I'm a sucker for swing jackets and adding pleats at the back of patterns, so the swing trench jacket (#124A) caught my eye.  Unfortunately the model photo doesn't show off the garment very well.  I like the simplicity of this classic cape that they updated with these big patch pockets.
Cape pattern #113
You know how I love cap sleeve dresses and cowl necklines, so how about this really simple dress that combines the two!
Dress pattern #116


  1. I looked at your photos and said OMG. I want to make all of these too!

    Wonderful choices, Terri. Thanks for ftaking the time to show them.

  2. Wow, these are great! Makes me sad I let my sub expire a few months ago. I hadn't really missed it until I saw these wonderful patterns. I'll have to scope out an Aug issue. Thanks for sharing the pics.