Monday, July 11, 2011

The new Quincy Jacket from The Sewing Workshop

Zipped up

Zipper Open
I just had to add the new Sewing Workshop Quincy jacket to the mix.  I have a jacket  by a US designer that is similar in shape,  so I just had to put aside my fall cutting of the Pure and Simple separates I wrote about and sew up one of these.   I had a couple of pieces of fabric that were left over remnants that really worked well together so I said "Why not?",  measured my other jacket  and settled on the size medium, cutting the length at the largest size that added about 3/4".  This Quincy jacket hem is 1" just turned up and blind-hem stitch.   I'm the queen of blind hems.    I shortened the sleeves and added a 1 1/4" hem allowance.    To secure the facings I used Steam-A-Seam.

I would typically sew an XS in an older TSW pattern,  but the new patterns are not as oversized and medium had the ease I wanted for this swing jacket style.    You can see that the shoulder seam is nicely positioned.   I like the fit and eliminated the pleat that is not necessary at all -  suggest you baste it in to see how it affects the fit.  then decide if you want it.    At first I thought the sleeve was a bit wide for my arms, but looking at the photos,  I think I will leave them as is - besides it's easier to roll the sleeves up as I typically do.    

The muted blues and brown colors in the japanese cotton allow me to coordinate the neutral jacket with lots of things I already have like these aqua/brown cross-dye linen Ikina pants and the CLD ABO top in a fine cotton brown/aqua cross-dye that I like to wear with the pants.    There are lots of in progress photos and others in the TSW Quincy Pattern Flickr Set.      I want to try the narrow pant on this pattern,  but doubt I will put the optional loop/button on to get that drapey look at the side.   But.... I may change my mind.   

The style is elegant,  and I intend to wear this jacket often!

One piece of fabric on the cutting table for fall is this gorgeous mauve cashmere blend I bought from Michael's Fabrics when I was in Baltimore mid June.   I had a short swing jacket in mind when I bought it, not knowing about this jacket pattern at the time.   I plan to eliminate the zipper and will wear this over long sleeve tops and sweaters so I won't change the sleeve width.
Cashmere blend from  Piacenza 1733, a very high end mill in Italy


  1. Oh Terri you hit the nail on the head, this is absolutely ELEGANT. Beautiful. I also appreciate you comments about the change in TSW sizing. I've avoided many of their patterns because the sizing tends to either drown me or make me look twice as big (not desirable when you are a plus sized lady to start with). I may need to reconsider TSW patterns.

    PS thanks for your suggestions for using my fabric. I'm leaning more and more in that direction instead of the semi-fitted top I original envisioned. You suggestion , well it just makes more sense.

  2. Boy, Terri, is that jacket cute! And you're cute in it!

    The cashmere one will be yummy, too.

    Carol in Denver

  3. This looks so lovely on you in your gorgeous garden. You manage to combine fabrics in such an elegant way, no easy task. Hope your health issues soon improve.

  4. Love the jacket. You always look elegant.

  5. Fabulous interpretation of this new pattern! I'm anxious to get back into my sewing room and finish my Quincy. I loved the lines as soon as I saw the pattern, and yours has only reassured me that this is a winner! Thanks for the inspiration again, Terri!