Friday, March 2, 2012

DVF does my Ebb dress

How about this --  today's e-mail from Neiman Marcus and there's my Ebb dress in their Diane Von Furstenberg spring collection.     She's calling it the Leeandra floral lace dress.   It's a little short for my taste (and age) but it's pretty close except it doesn't have the seam just below the placket and has a collar that I could morph from her new blouse pattern if I desired one.   As usual, Louise is ahead of the game in terms of interpreting fashion trends.    Check out the collection and you'll see more things you can use her patterns to interpret your way.    Her hanky short sleeve blouse sure looks like a longer version of the ABO top and the pants like the One-Seams.


  1. How cool is that? Yes, Louise's patterns provide us with such great style, don't they. And so, so many possibilities. Thanks for highlighting this one. I do like your version better than NM!

    Hope to see you at Expo this coming week.

  2. Terri~ I was looking thru your photo stream st some of the LOVELY designs you have sewn, ( incredible!)
    Well,, I am doing a year (2012) of zero purchasing of clothing and sewing everything I want to add ( I am well stocked but its about my skills and stretching ideas! ) One other point of my challenge is to get me out of my rut and widen my horizons w/ sewing~
    Anyway I happened upon your dress made from TSW NOW pattern ( shirtdress) ,, you cannot imagine how happy I was to see that b/c I had just ordered that pattern yesterday!I am brand new to TSW so it is like starting from scratch again!
    I had not thought of making a shirt dress tho I was wondering what to do about casual dresses this year,( Sewing wise I am OK w/ skirts,, just not dresses for non dress wear)
    I had ordered 10 TSW patterns yesterday in hopes of changing my style a bit, and I wanted you to know that your posting of finished projects REALLY makes s difference b/c we can see what possibilities exist! I am using a few (just a few) of my LH patterns ( t top, Euro pant)but have ordered new pants patterns from TSW,,,,I am hoping I like 3 that I ordered but will work at fit~ Thanks ever SO much for the inspiration! I am also going thru my older patterns or ones never used. and giving them away ( this is very hard to do) but needs to be done
    ( no vintage patterns tho, they stay)
    Have fun at the Expo and I pray you are feeling better each new day~
    blessings to you~

  3. Thank you Martha and Pamela Ann - my philosophy is that if I'm going to sew something, it's going to be unique, hence the patterns I use and modify. The same goes for pieces I buy - like the black and white jacket and the coral 4-ply silke shirtdress that came from the Doncaster outlet

  4. Terri
    I just wanted to ask as I have seen the One seam pant on your various postings so much, that pattern was also on my " to purchase and fit" list,, do you get a lot of wear from these pants?? I am concerned b/c it is easier to fit any pant w/ more seams of course but this is such a highly rated pattern to most sewists! Bet you are enjoying yourself greatly at the expo , there is always next year for me when I am physically able to do more ( heart re hab now), this has allowed me more time to assess my clohting, get RID of thing and I did fall in love w/ the whole TSW look, I think I made the mistake of this pattern you have posted,, this is a Cutting pattern , yes?? I have thought of that one as well as a very cute top for our summers here( Wisconsin)but spending much time in Georgia, I know southern summers well, and we do hope to return south again * sigh*
    blessings to you and good health to you!

  5. Hi Pamela Ann - first my best wishes for your rehab and recovery. Yes, this dress is made from the Cutting Designs Ebb and Flow pattern. I've sewn 3 blouses and 3 dresses out of the Ebb.

    Re the One Seam pants, yes I have quite a few pair. I may do a count and a blog post sometime because they are flattering. With athe correct adjustments (and Louise is happy to help) they fit many different figures. If you have questions about the fit, I suggest e-mailing Louise Cutting even before you decide to buy. I am of the opinion that this is a style looks elegant on women over 40 (which are most of Louise's customers). I do not wear, nor do I like wearing fitted pants with very little ease. This style skims your body and doesn't hug any of the bumps. I also like the other two pants patterns she did, the one with the interesting leg - Discover Something Novel, and the one with the pockets on the sides - Easy Ageless Cool I think, but they are both more casual styles.

  6. Terri~ I am about the same age as you, have the same sense of style ~ but I am five feet one inch~ so I am very careful about larger legged pants unless the fabric is right~ I am trying to replace some of my older pattern from an independent designer that had a flowy looser look. I am ready for a change~ Not to dismiss some TNT's from that line, but rather to weed them out~ I did order EAC and ABO also, Darn! I forgot to order the Ebb and flow pattern! With shipping being so high these days I sure hope they run a special every now and then~ (-:
    Currently fitting TSW Trio , Mimosa and Zig zag pants but want that freedom of those one seams! It looks like they have been updated??But I have never tried them b/f so I would not know the difference,,(Waiting for them in mail)
    Lovely for silk and linen pants! THAT is why I sew~, Lovely fabrics and great design = gorgeous well made clothing! Thank you for your continued inspiration as well as your ideas, they are wonderful!
    You should be a teacher!
    Good health and many blessings to and to you~ Pamela Ann