Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekends in Raleigh and then Atlanta

Two back to back weekends and I'm back home.   The first weekend in March I attended the North Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution 112th State Conference at the North Raleigh Hilton - same weekend as the Duke-UNC basketball game.    The weather was hard to call, and temperatures inside hotels, especially inside large ballrooms,  are often cool no matter the outside temps.     My husband did not attend any of the DAR events but met some men he knew from Asheville who were attending the NC Disabled American Veterans conference there.     We both donate our time and charitable items to the veterans support groups here.    He had a good time in the bar with the fans eating and watching the game Saturday evening.    I took and wore exactly what I planned with one change,   I wore the coral silk dress Saturday evening and this  Babette SF velvet burnout jacket and top with a softly pleated skirt to the Friday evening dinner.    I actually walked in with the other chapter regents Saturday night after standing in line for 20 minutes - all without a cane.    My chapter members who attended were very happy to see me do that,  and so was I.    

The weather in Raleigh on Friday and Saturday was overcast and cool.  The sun came out Sunday as we were leaving and for the entire trip west until we got to the grade between Old Fort and Black Mountain, climbing up and over the eastern US continental divide.  We could see the dark clouds on the mountain, and as we climbed, we drove through a blizzard of snow with temperatures dropping to freezing and then turning to sleet and snow at the top.     I took some photos of this event as we drove - typical of the higher elevations where it snows and stays because of the low temps.     When we got to the top you could see that Black Mountain and Asheville were sunny with temperatures in the high 40's.     I could still see the tops of the mountains covered in snow the next day driving to my physical therapy appointment.

Our temperatures have been milder than usual and the drive to Atlanta on Friday was sunny and pleasant.    It's only 180 miles to the convention center that takes about 2 1/2 hours since it's interstate or 4 land highway all the way.   Friday I wore my 2X4 top with taupe narrow One-Seam Pants and was very comfortable in the nearly 70 degrees.     We got to Duluth around 5 pm and I decided to go buy my ticket for the expo so I wouldn't have to stand in line the next morning.     I am able to walk easily and stand without any problems but since I'm on immune suppressants,  I must avoid crowds and sick people, and as such,  planned to stay only a limited time.      I bought the ticket and went in to see Louise and Sandy before leaving.   It turned out that all the attendees were on the other side of the hall at the big drawing and they were alone in their booth.  Both looked very tired after another long day following all that travel and setting up back to back from the Puyallap Sewing event.      I only stayed a few minutes and they were glad to see me in much better shape than I was the year before.  

Saturday I went in a couple hours after the crowds got there and again saw Louise and Sandy at their booth.   I wore my Shapes outfit of the Nine Lives top and Eleven Eleven Skirt in shades of brown.   I didn't walk through the entire expo because there were so many people and some coughing badly.  I did not take any photos at the expo this year.     

Here's what I did to the 2X4 top that I used one of Louise's bias techniques for the neckline.   When I first sewed this out of a very stretchy cotton/lycra,   I used the bias neckline techniques from her Threads issue #121 Master Class article.     Due to the nature of the stretchy fabric, the bias wanted to curl on itself and didn't stay open.     To correct that and make it pretty,   I used the Viking E1 card stich #12 with a stitch in the ditch foot to make it stay open.     Here are some photos of the before and after.    

Before - bias is curling on itself
After - bias has been stiched down using the E1-12 stitch

Click on this photo to see the stitch detail


  1. So glad you could enjoy those two terrific visits. Thanks for the reminder to use that great stitch in such a clever way.

  2. Your garments look great. I like how you fixed the bias neckline.

  3. Glad to hear you had such a lovely time! I was busy also,(lol!),,,,placing lots of orders for patterns and fabrics! I ordered several shapes patterns for summer wear, a new blouse kit from TSW,in my fall tones, ~ Inca the new pattern~ and EAC and one other pattern from LC patterns!
    I am packing now for a trip to Houston where I will give my present of a newly sewn quilt/shams etc to my grand daughter for her BD!( my first ever!) Could not believe that I could do it! But I did and I surprised myself b/c I never quilted before , I did not do the actual quilting I had it sent out~
    Going house hunting there also, but I tire very easily~ and the heat bothers me a lot more so we are unsure at this point~ I love Texas so it may be a good move~
    SO SO glad you were able to make it out 2 weekends back to back , I hope to be there some day again! And to add to all of this ,,I forgot 2 appointments, ( VERY necessary appointments!) hair and nails, but they will get me in tomorrow~
    Terri when I saw your shapes patterns done up, I knew that would be a style that would work for me in many fabrics, yours is indeed LOVELY!

    What a lovely wardrobe you have! I look forward to your posts, I always learn something~
    I am SO happy you had an enjoyable time considering all you have been thru medically, I think that this is one huge huge blessing!
    I know I will be there soon if I keep working out and doing all they say for me to do~
    keep up the good work and keep getting better each day~

    Pamela Ann

  4. Terri~ I wanted to thank you for the reference to Michael's Fabric awhile back~ I had them send me swatches and they have the most gorgeous fabric, plus I spoke to them, very nice people will most certainly be purchasing from them! I am going to see if I can send in swatches of a wool/silk sweater I am working on to see if they can match my yarn, I knit one sweater over the summer for ME!
    thanks again for the reference, I love what they sent me~ Happy sewing!