Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Blouse Confection

Here's my latest creation made from Louise Cutting's My Hearts A'Flutter pattern.   The pattern for this is an overblouse with open vents at the sides and meant to be worn over the coordinating shell included in the patter.    For this top I was inspired by seeing so many sheer looks over black and other colored shells and color-blocked opaque linings.      In the upper left photo I put a beige silk jersey shell underneath and paired it with a silk jacquared skirt with abstract dots.   In the upper right there is nothing underneath it.      I took a photo of it over a black silk crepe top while I was fitting it, before it was finished.

 I decided to make my own interpretation using this cotton organdy embroidered with beige thread that has a bit of sheen.    I bought the fabric originally for a cardigan jacket, using the edges and doing another Loes Hinse Bergman Chanel interpretation,  but decided that this style was so much more interesting, a more casual chic look that goes with so many of my neutral pants, skirts and shells.    
Front side piece slightly off grain
Matching edging for back sleeve piece

I only had about a yard and a half of the fabric, and I got this top out of it with a small piece to spare.   This one is size XS since my first HAF overblouse was pretty roomy.   I closed up lower sides to achieve more of a blouse look.   I was very systematic in my assembly, waiting until I had the top front attached to the back before even cutting out the front lower panel,  and to properly match up the back sleeve piece with the front sleeve.    The heavy embroidery was challenging to sew over and I used a 3mm stitch length instead of the shorter ones. 

After a test of interfaced cotton batiste for the back facing,  I decided there was too much "show through" and used a beige silk organza that is barely visible through the organdy.   I'll get a photo of me wearing it when the weather improves, and I get over this cold virus I've been fighting.


  1. This is great, Terri. Not only is it current as a sheer, but also lace is still huge, I think. This is so current and so you. Can't wait to pix of you in it. BTW, hope to see you in Atlanta in a few weeks at Expo.

  2. How very pretty and creative - just lovely!

  3. Can't wait till your weather improves to see a picci of this beautiful shirt on you. Just love it!!!

  4. A beautiful interpretation, Terri. What a great fabric.

  5. That's so pretty. I have that pattern an got as far as making a muslin. I hadn't thought of making it in an eyelet. Love it.