Thursday, February 14, 2013

Artist in Motion tunic using the wool/cashmere Escada

After thinking and measuring and planning and measuring some more,  I cut Louise Cutting's Artist in Motion Top pattern from the charcoal gray wool/cashmere layer of the oversized Escada coat.   

Here's the illustration of the tunic and here's what I ended up with. 
  The unaltered back length of the tunic is 24 5/8".  This one is 31" long.

I saved the Escada finished hems, mitered corners at the fronts, keyhole buttonholes and flat-felled seams and cut/sewed it as follows: 
  • I cut the front pieces with the fold on the already hemmed and mitered plackets and hem of the Escada, even saving the buttonholes and re-using the buttons that I sewed together like those to secure French cuffs;    
  • For the back and sleeves with their flat felled seams, I placed the pattern pieces to use those seams.    
  • So my tunic has a flat felled back seam and the finished Escada hem
  • The sleeves have flat felled seams down the center that line up with the shoulder seams that I also topstitched and treated as flat felled.  
  • I block fused the neckline facing and sewed it per the pattern instructions and did a little hand stitching.
  • I stitched the front plackets together for nine inches in the center, leaving the top opening the same and a 12 inch vent at the bottom.    I omitted the side vents.
More detail shots of the finished tunic on my Flickr photos.    

NEWS!  There is a new Flickr Group for Louise Cutting's patterns and garments sewn from them.  You are invited to join and visit that site to see everyone's garments, photos of us at events and to share and show us your own!

Today's Chinchilla Drama 

On another note, this morning the bad boy chinchilla attacked and bit old Woodley through the slat of the wooden ceiling separating them.     I came down do do a little pressing on my tunic and gave both of them a piece of raw almond (one of their favorite treats).    Snowball went chinchilla ape-shit, bit Woodley's foot, and there was blood all over the place.  I took Woodley out of his house that he ran into and got several paper towels - still bleeding.    Shouted for husband to get the band-aids.    I applied pressure and stopped the bleeding and put the band-aid on.   Remember these are little guys.    We then reversed them.    Snowball is now on the top and Woodley is on the bottom.    I even put a block of wood on the edge where he bit Woodley's foot while standing on that shelf.   I don't want Woodley to stick his nose up there and Snowball to bite him.   Tonight Woodley is fine and took the band-aid off himself.  If the Perp keeps it up he's going to be serving a long sentence in the chinchilla slammer - the small metal cage on top.


  1. That tunic looks very, very nice on you. Beautiful refashion.

    1. Thank you Gwen. I always appreciate your comments!

  2. Very chic tunic! Looks great!

    Sorry to hear of the current fur ball fiasco. Poor Woodley!


  3. beautiful, simply beautiful, you are very talented...

    1. Thank you Aileen. I enjoyed the process and am happy with the outcome.

  4. Tunic is so fabulous; I love your end result.

    Poor Woodley; I'm glad to hear he is OK. Children, children, children!