Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall colors and coordinates

You wanted to see fabrics and read about planning so here they are.

Earlier this month Linda Lee blogged about their Marvelous Mulberrys, or as she says, "magenta, mulberry, burgundy, plum, cranberry - whatever the season's color flavor is called, this color category is always in fashion, one way or another. "   

The same colors I had pulled together out of my stash a month earlier.  I just love these deep warm colors that work with browns and golds. 

Seeing this plaid knit on their site, then seeing this photo of Linda's daughter, Alex, wearing a Eureka top in the same plaid knit with an eDress skirt, confirmed it would would work with my fall color choices so I asked them to wrap it up and send it with the new Siena & Cortona Shirts pattern.   I love how the aqua just pops.     So here it is with my fabric choices.

So from left to right, clockwise, here's what I'm planning (Click on photos to enlarge and see detail)
  • The crinkled purple knit is the same weight as the plaid so I will combine the plaid as an accent - Not sure if it will be a top or bottom.
  • The plaid knit with the aqua has to be a simple top like the Eureka
  • The cotton shirting with a textured woven stripe is from Michael's Fabrics in Baltimore when I was in the area for the ASG - he said it's Hugo Boss.  It's crisp and the same on both sides so I'm thinking it would be a marvelous Cortona shirt with that peplum in the back.  I could wear it over the plaid
  • The mauve with mulberry is a wool/rayon brocade that I have just about a yard.    I've been saving it for facings and accents.
  • The dark raspberry linen is really quite dark.   It's from Louise Cutting and I have it earmarked for some slim MSS pants and a third layer
  • The embossed knit is from Fabric Mart and I already have a Loes Hinse Tank Dress (shown in first photo)  and two of the tank tops from that pattern with both neckline treatments in that fabric.   I have plenty left and may make a skirt using the e-Dress pattern
  • The mulberry plaid is a wonderful stretch novelty knit from Fabric Mart.  It's got a neutral beige running through it and the back side looks like stretch lace.  I have a simple drapy/artistic skirt in the works, a cowl neck top on the bias and maybe more pieces.   Once I get working with a fabric like this, it starts talking to me.

Here's another photo of the solid linen and the shirting with a printed linen and a sheer textured knit with mulberry and olive colors.   The printed linen is actually a wrap skirt with several wide bias panels that I feel like cutting apart and making a top from and using the rest as accents.   The knit is semi-sheer and you see the color underneath - so it has to be a drapy third layer.

These fabrics and new coordinates will work with things I already own.  This sheer black mohair knit over a fuschia jersey is one because, together it reads "black raspberry" and looks great with the mulberry group.
The good news is that I can just thread my machines and go, not having to change the thread.   Jacquianne in New Zealand posted on her Demented Kiwi Diaries blog how she used the many capabilities of her Babylock Cover Stitch machine to make a number of great looking tops.  After reading about her successes, I rewatched the instruction DVD that came with my Evolve this evening and will be testing a number of stitches on the knit fabrics.

BTW if anyone has the actual coordinating plaid to this embossed knit and doesn't want or need it, I'd like to buy it from you.  Here's a good photo of the tank top and the coordinate that FM ran out of when I ordered probably in '03 or '04.


  1. They are such delicious colours, I agree :)

  2. A wonderful grouping of fabrics showing your usual flair, thank you for the discussion on how you plan to utilise these. I have to be very careful about wearing these colours but I love the richness of them. And thank you for the shout out about my blog.

    1. You are very talented and I enjoy seeing what you are up to on the other side of the world!

  3. A delicious grouping of fabrics and that plum/turquoise is really nice. I love that mohair over raspberry jersey top! (And hopefully it is not itchy to wear.)

    1. Thank you Shams. I found that top about ten years at Derek's Mustard Seed resale shop in MD. The tag says 60% kid mohair and nylon - probably the 40% nylon makes it soft and not scratchy.

  4. Really lovely! Thank you so much for sharing! This is the first time in a while that you have added to your blog. I've missed you!


    1. Thank you Anne - I'm trying to be better about keeping it updated with my sewing and what's new.

  5. What lovely fabrics and beautiful colors -- some of my very favorites!

  6. I love your fabrics. They will make wonderful coordinates.