Friday, September 27, 2013

Early Fall Coordinates from The Sewing Workshop - Here's How I Wore It

End of September brings pretty and cool days here.   The leaves on some trees and ornamentals are already shades of red and purple.   It's my favorite time of year and I can wear a third layer with everything.

This is what I wore to do a few things in town and out and about today.  Everything in this outfit is from The Sewing Workshop coordinates I've sewn.  This is an 8th Avenue skirt in a textured rayon with an Ann's Tank in metallic knit and the Pearl jacket I made out of a microfiber raincoat fabric.  I belted the jacket and ruched up the collar.    I wore it with textured hose and flat White Mountain ankle boots made in the USA (like my clothes) that I've owned for many years before their production left the US.    They are the softest calfskin leather with leather soles - not the garbage coming in from Asia these days.  


  1. You look fabulous in your autumn co-ordinates.
    The Opal and Pearl jacket and 8th Avenue skirt have been floating about in my head for a you think the skirt would work shortened?

  2. Thank you Cheryl. Of course it would. Be careful because the skirt is very fitted. I'm considering making the next one out of one of those stable ponte knits with an elastic waist instead of the zipper and band. I'm also thinking the opal would be fun in one of the pontes with a design on one side and plain on the other - or any knit with two great sides like the Sewing Workshop ladies have done, esp in washed wool jersey, Kathy's favorite.

  3. Actually Cheryl, my skirt in the photo is the same length as the pattern but won't be as long on you since you are taller than I. Measure and see - you might not want to change it since it dips asymmetrically toward that side godet that is cut on the bias and inserted in a most unique way.

  4. thank you so much for your comments on mt blog!! I love your style!

    1. thank you Kathy - I just discovered your blog and will check back often. I admire your style too!