Saturday, December 7, 2013

December Update & My Lagenlook

Hi everybody.    I've had a busy fall and haven't had a chance to post my garment sewing.   I deleted the October post about the drapes I made and my interior decorating because it obviously was of little interest.    I plan on posting photos of the collection of garments I sewed from the fabrics I blogged about in September when I get a chance to put them on and have photos taken of how I wear them and how they're supposed to look - on me.  

I had a good check-up at Johns Hopkins early last week and enjoyed the balmy weather along the east coast, stopping for a couple of days in Williamsburg VA.   When we got home to Asheville it was still nearly 70 degrees and stayed that way until early this morning when it went down into the 40's. 

When going from the mountains to the east coast and back, especially in early winter,  it's hard to plan so I check the ten day forecast and take layers.   I decided to buy myself these fun and fancy lace-up ankle boots with ruffles from Anthropologie when all their sale items were discounted another 20%.    I never get tired of comfortable ankle boots.   

Here's my layered "Lagenlook" outfit that can go from the 40's to the balmy 60's and higher by adding or removing layers.  I didn't sew any of these pieces but I routinely travel with and wear similar layered outfits from pieces that I have sewn over the years, adding interesting belts, shoes and accessories.  
For this Lagenlook, I start with this swooshy bias cut Viyella (cotton/wool blend) skirt and a multi-tiered cotton petticoat by Laura Ashely I've owned since my 26 year old son was a little boy - and it's not an elastic waist skirt either!   In cool weather I wear textured tights.  I love its moss greens and pinks and warm hues of burnt umber and how I can wear tops of many colors and weights with both or either.   Layers add a bit of weight but done correctly you look put together, not heavier, plus you are warm.    The skirt is slimmer looking when worn without the petticoat layer.   

The pink top is fine gauge cotton knit by Moth from Anthropologie that I bought it on eBay at least 7 years ago. It has a ruffled peplum and knitted on lace at the neckline. I like how the unhemmed, trumpeted sleeves roll to peak out from the jacket sleeves.   It also looks great worn by itself just with the tiered white cotton petticoat.    I pulled out one of my multi-pocketed Safari look jackets in a a green/beige cross dye wool/linen blend also from Doncaster I bought in 2003 (with matching slacks).   You see this classic jacket interpreted by designers every year and every season.   I can wear the olive leather belt layered over either top.    

So that's one of my Lagenlooks.  If you're interested, there are more outfits and photos of this skirt and others on my Long Casual Skirt Flickr Set.   I'm sure you all have your own versions that you enjoy wearing!


  1. Very nice, Terri. Totally pulled together and chic. Great boots.

  2. Looks great Terri. You have great style,
    Glad that your check up went well.
    all the best,

  3. Wonderful to hear about your positive check up Terri. I love those boots and seeing how you style the Lagenlook. I think I could wear that skirt but without the petticoats. I am looking forward to seeing how you made up and styled those fabrics from a previous blog post.

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  5. Thank you all! One has to be very careful about purging the wardrobe because what goes around, comes around, esp the classics and enduring styles.

    I'm glad my appointment was last week instead of this one. In six months I will be off the immune suppressant entirely!

    Jacquianne, you can see more photos of the skirt (without the petticoat) in the Long Casual Skirt set (link added to post above)

  6. Terri - glad your appt was so positive. I love your style. I've missed your posts on SG. Stay warm.

    1. Thank you Marcia. I don't have time for the braggadocio by all the anonymous know-it-alls there.

  7. Hi Terri! first, woohoo!!! about the good checkup! nothing beats health and stamina, that's the truth. Glad you're experiencing it!

    I always like to see your coordinates and better yet along with your 'theory' behind them. It's so helpful to see the thought process, from inspiration to finished outfits. I find there's tons of info on how to make specific garments, much less about creating outfits or heaven forfend 'capsules'. So thank you!

    I would have worn this look straight up in my twenties and early thirties. Nowadays i'd strip out all the color and choose a more architecturally shaped skirt, maybe like your RAL denim skirt. But the general theory is just the same! Like you say, an ensemble like this one is perfect for travel, like here in California where you can go from stormy, cold sea to baking valley, hot and cold foothillls to chilly mountains all in one day!

    The one piece i'd always add is a little cami-top. Just a little sleeveless blouse with kind of edwardian undies type details:

    i just make them myself, then if it gets super hot (90, 95F +) i can wear it with either the skirt or the petticoat and not look 'nekkid'. This combo is the most fun at the beach, also works as a nightie. I notice that Isabel Marant Etoile has a few similar in feel tops this coming spring and summer.

    Thank you again and stay strong! steph

    1. Thank you steph. Welcome to my blog! My motto is life's too short to wear boring clothes! Experiment and have fun with styles you love and are comfortable in. I'm happy to be well and able to continue to sew and do the things I love to do.

  8. aHa! just started perusing your long casual flickr set and saw your lined linen vest with knit back worn with your floral skirt show here- same exact idea as my cami-tops but with a minimalist aesthetic.

    Great minds!!! :) steph