Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sewing Workshop Tosca Dress Sample

With a Relax-A-Little shirt

I cut out this sample/wearable muslin dress yesterday in this IKEA cotton.   I sewed it up this afternoon in about 3 hours.  This size small dress is a full 10" shorter than the pattern and you can see that the armholes are still very deep even with me taking them up 2".    I wear it over lightweight knit tops.

Everything went together easily.   Stay stitching the shoulders and clipping is a must as is the under-stitching and top stitching.   I pressed the neckline and armholes over a ham.    The offset hem was easy to do and I used a template for the 1/2" and basted it in before edge stitching.    This is unique style that I recommend altering carefully for your own body and taste.    I didn't think all those funky, asymmetrical pockets added anything so I didn't use them.   Keep it simple, let the fabric do the talking, and have fun with it.  More photos and how I altered the pattern on my Tosca Flickr Album.


  1. Terri, your test garment is cute! Hard to tell from the photos--where does the hem hit, above the knee?

  2. Nancy it's just above the knee. I told my stylist to just shoot the dress and that's just what he did ....

  3. Thanks Terri! I'm 5'4", so knowing will help me with my pattern adjustments.