Monday, January 24, 2011

Inspiration Stripes

Yesterday morning I went upstairs with good intentions to sew up another tunic top in a artsy wool knit but I was just too tired.  This neurological syndrome is not going away anytime soon and I have to deal with the numbness and weakness of my feet and leg muscles, plus my hands are also affected.   Everything I do takes so much more effort and is very tiring.  All I accomplished yesterday was getting the photos of the striped tunic taken and posted.   Today there is snow on the ground and I'm supposed to go to the therapy pool later this afternoon.   Around ten AM we looked out the window to see a car overturned at the  bottom of my neighbor's sloping driveway across the street -  driver going over the speed limit and hit an icy spot.   There was a mom and 3 kids all in child seats with seat belts.  Luckily everyone is OK.  Seat belts saved my life about six years ago.

Here are some photos I took while snoop shopping last Thursday.   I didn't buy any of these garments, but thought the details were worth capturing.   The interesting trim, including raw bias inspired me to do the bias finish on my striped top.     It's' the details that people like, and pay extra for.  Here's a simple Diane Von Furstenberg silk knit shift dress.   Click here to see the amazing things she's done with stripes and mixed prints this spring.

Here's a top that reminded me of the new 2X4 tunic top pattern.   Don't be afraid to use knits for that one - just compare the finished measurements with a similar knit top you already own.   This is a fine striped knit with a sheer floral woven raw bias trim at the neckline and a fine rib knit for the sleeve.    It's very flattering on.  The sleeve is fitted and I pushed it up.   Underneath a fairly sheer fabric like this I would normally wear a nude bra instead of the black one here that shows through with the black tights LOL.
Fine rib knit on sleeves
Here's another striped knit top (retail of almost $90)  that is basically a square with an 8" cowl and sleeve flanges using a double width of stripe running perpendicular.    I imagine that one would wear a camisole underneath this one.   These light weight knits skim over the body and are very comfortable.

Here's a striped T-shirt with a henley neckline that is trimmed in a floral print knit that is twisted.
Here's a rayon jersey dress that is draped in an interesting way and trimmed with bands of bias silk left raw at the hem and neckline.    These simple details can make any dress or top go from plain to fabulous.

More detail shots on Flickr.

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  1. Love it when you take us shopping with you. Now I want to get in the car and drive to Raleigh or Charlotte - Wilmington is pretty fashion-less.