Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I got to wear my Bergman Jacket "tweak" today

So here's me actually wearing the jacket.    There was a breeze blowing my hair in all directions, but who cares.   I feel that clothes have to be seen on the person they were made for,  otherwise it's no different than staring at garments carefully pinned and arranged on a mannequin in a store window.

Today I got dressed up for the monthly DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) meeting.  I missed the April meeting because of the medical procedures.    The weather has not been warm enough here to wear a mesh jacket like this, but today's forecast was upward of 80 so I pulled out the dotted mesh Bergman jacket I created and wrote about in February and paired it with this ten+ year old silk swing skirt from Loes Hinse's skirt pattern , and a v-neck stretch 4-ply silk crepe sleeveless top.   Neutrals never go out of style, and I enjoyed wearing this comfortable outfit today.    I bought the beige splotched cream embossed silk made for Valentino by Ratti, the famous Italian silk company, while shopping at their store in Como Italy in 1999.    I plan on getting lots of mileage from this cardigan jacket too.


  1. You look wonderful in that jacket!

  2. Looking good, Terri! I was glad to see your pics on SG again too.

  3. Terri
    You look SO SO pretty in that jacket!
    Is that jacket a tweak that came from Causal Elegance?? I wondered about that and would LOVE to do one in black also for an occasion in June( gift for Mothers Day!)
    Just ordered the One seam pant,, and am SO anxious to get going here on a few outfits. LOVE LOVE LOVE that jacket! ( nice and smart looking for a ladies meeting too! What I am finding out about LH and Cutting patterns is that they are SO easy to sew up and you can let the fabric do All the speaking for you, a person feels So accomplished!
    ( and no heavy tailoring,,,,,)
    I also knit that way, I let the yarn do the speaking( unless I am doing fair isle which is my personal favorite!)
    Thanks for showing the jacket on a "real" person , I did see on PR but its always better to see worn
    You inspire so many sewists!

  4. Pamela Ann, the instructions for the Bergman tweak are on pages 16-17 in the first ed of "The Look" newsletter CE e-mailed in February. She says that any cardigan pattern could also be used. I just liked the shaping on this pattern. I'm sure CE would e-mail them to you if you didn't get the latest newsletters.

  5. Terri
    Thank you for pointing me to the place I could find directions!
    I think this is truly a stunning jacket!

  6. I don't understand why CE doesn't just post the .pdf files of the newsletters on their website like they used to. They removed all of them except links to the seminars you have to buy.

  7. Thank you Terri ~ they did send me the tweak for this one,,,but, I went over to the Marcy Tilton site and went shopping,,,,,,like a *LOT* of shopping , so I should be sewing for a few weeks~ thank goodnes the LH patterns are SO easy to do up( even for this returning seamstress!) Did many years of heirloom sewing so coming back to sewing ( for me) is all about fit fit and more fit.
    Most LH patterns fit me right out of the envelope with a few minor tweaks! LOVE your ideas! ( hope to be showing my work on PR soon!) Have a wonderful weekend enjoying your garden, I must work in mine as we are in full bloom here and perennials need division,,,, blessings to you
    Pamela Ann

  8. Terri
    If you can offer me ANY help on choosing good pants to fit I would appreciate it as a returning seamstress, have purchased all LH patterns after speaking to her she claims I am very close to her size ( via measurements/height) and has been adament about the OXforts
    Am a wee bit frightened about wearing so much fabric tho you carry it off so well~~ Also purchased one seam pants , again a whole new fitting experience for me
    ANY help would be appreciated
    you do not have to publish this but I have spent a kings randsome on fabrics and patterns and am honesly STUCK here! Bought some SW patterns to
    what do you think of the ageless cool pattern( Name??)
    Pamela Ann

  9. How lovely to see the jacket on you! You look so pretty in it.

  10. Terri
    For all my angst regarding pants I took one day and cut and sewed 4 different pair to see what worked and what did not work on me~ I was delighted to discover my first well fitting pair of pants EVER! (Actually 2 worked well for me~) This may be old to many who have their TNT pants but this is the first time for me!! The LH Oxfords fit right out of the envelope and draped from the hip beautifully~ My "tweak" Bergman jacket will be worn w/ Oxfords in 4 ply black silk~ the jacket itself is a sheer cream silk,, lightly embroidered floral with a princess tank underneath in cream silk dupioni~ Fabrics are from Vogue.
    Muslins are complete and fit well. I am SO happy I just went out there and CUT muslins b/c LH patterns are so easy to sew up. It is so good to be sewing again after taking years off. No more shopping for pants( except perhaps jeans) Thank YOU for the inspiration on the Bergman Tweak,,, Yours is positively stunning~, Good sewing to all~

  11. Pamela Ann, I am so happy for you that everything worked out so beautifully. That made my day. I have not had good days since before the weekend. With all I am going through on Fri I had a food allergy and broke out in blotchy hives all over. I am not on medication so it wasn't that. Didn't go away until Sunday. Sorry for not responding. I wrote Sharon Lyon an e-mail on Sat asking a question and showing her the Bergman Jacket - no response.

  12. Terri
    I have * many* food allergies,in fact my endocrinologist has tied these allergies in to some of my medical problems , sure enough, they also found out a medication I was taking for years was coated in whey, and I am lactose intolerant! There is so much they are finding out these days, be careful w/ food allergies! I experience hives, itching and deep muscle aches and pains for a day or two afterwards. ALL my symptoms went away once we sifted thru my diet ( many people could not eat as simply as I do!)
    It's worth it to feel better ,,,,,no going back!

  13. Terri
    I , too have many * major* food allergies, in fact my endocrinologist /allergist found out a medication I was taking was coated w; whey and I am lactose intolerant.
    I found out my food allergies after a lot of testing and even though I eat very simply now ( fish, chicken, bison no other red meat) I feel 100% better when I am careful on my food diet! Sometimes I get itching immediately but mostly I get really really sore muscle aches and pains as if I had been in a car accident ( headaches too!)
    I eat simply but its worth it to feel better and I never ever eat sugar anymore,,,once you get off of it, you are fine as long as you have some fruits for your sweet tooth< this has improved my condition( which is rare) almost 100% so I am not even tempted to go back to eaing things I used to!
    Be very very careful w./ food allergies, one can develop them at any time in life.