Monday, May 9, 2011

No Sewing yet but I feel like I'm making progress

I feel like I am stronger.   I can walk across a room without the aid of a walker or cane now.  No changes in the demyelinated nerves yet, but that takes a lot longer.   I just haven't gotten any worse.    I've been upstairs to the sewing room but I was too tired yesterday to begin a new project having not slept well the night before.   

Since the weather has warmed,  I am wearing many of the outfits I made last spring and summer.    We had lunch on Saturday in Waynesville with our son's GF's mother and grandmother.   I wore the Easy Ageless and Cool pants with the By Popular Demand jacket and an ABO top out of silk noil.   Interesting that the silk noil pilled against the inside of the stretch sateen cotton of the jacket.     Today was even warmer and I wore these metallic linen Easy, Ageless and Cool pants with a purchased rayon jersey tank top and the beige stretch pique Pure and Simple jacket.    The difference between the photos taken on Saturday and today is that I am standing up by myself - big stuff for me.


  1. Hurrah for progress, Terri! And now you get to reap the reward of all your sewing last spring...

  2. Terri,
    Great news that you are doing better. It is wonderful to see you standing by yourself and how happy you are about that.
    You'll be back to sewing in no time.
    Best wishes,

  3. WOW that's great progress! It's been months since you were standing by yourself. Of course, love the clothes too.

  4. Thanks Margy, Voilet and Bev. I can't stand for very long but I'm not complaining. The neuropathy in my hands worsened before I got the IVIG and that's why it's harder to sew. This has sure been a roller coaster.

  5. Lovely news to hear that you are progressing. I hope it keeps on getting better and better for you.
    How great that you had made some clothes last spring and had something to wear come the warmer weather. I hope you are back to sewing soon.

  6. Glad that you are making progress. Hang in there and stay strong

  7. So good to see you standing - and you're able to walk a bit. All things take time. It's great to "see" you doing so well. Of course, I'm always happy to see your outfits - you really inspire me. Warm weather should do wonders - at least it does for me!