Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Towards the end of May update

My last major sewing project was the Burda cardigan in April.     The bad news is that I have been deteriorating and am not doing well.   The good news is that I will be traveling to Johns Hopkins medical center in June.  I only got the call from JH yesterday morning so I had to hurry up and make reservations to stay somewhere in downtown Baltimore.   I found that many of the hotels are booked up already.  

Michael and Sherri Bearman of Michael's Fabrics in Baltimore are two of the loveliest people I know. I've known them for years since living in Charles Co MD for many years before moving to the Asheville NC area.  I remember talking on the phone to Michael the week their son Phillip was born.  With them you are a person not a credit card number.

Sherri and Michael have been aware of my health situation.   Since I will be traveling to Baltimore I called and told Sherri what was going on -  she was delighted that I got into JH,  then hearing about the hotels and logistics, she offered to check to see of they could help in locating/recommending a hotel perhaps where they are located.   They don't care if I buy anything or even if I'm well enough to come by, they just care about me and those are the people who will get my enduring business forever.

Over these past months of medical hell, wonderful people like the Bearmans in Baltimore, other sewing professionals around the country, and many caring individuals who read this blog and a sewing board have commented/written or called or sent notes to check on me.   Incredibly,  I have had absolutely no support from any of the sewing community here in Asheville - none of the people at a certain local fabric store where I was a great customer for years, nor anyone who lives in the area has ever contacted me - actually it's just the opposite,  I've been shunned. 

I also got an e-mail response from Sharon Lyon of Casual Elegance Fabrics last week.   My reason for writing was that with their emphasis on cap sleeves I was thinking about sewing an updated French Country Dress.   I have the pattern and was looking for some fabric advice.    Since reading the latest newsletter,  I was thinking linen but she said that she "really didn't think linen would be a good choice for that dress, although a really light weight linen/blend would be a possibility.    Since there are just a couple of tucks on both sides on front and back, a heavy fabric would not do well with the tucks.   A stable knit, as long as it wasn't heavy, would work great.  I really like that dress. One summer, a few years back, I lived in that dress!"    I think the design is really interesting, especially how Loes maintains the structure using the pockets.     I would make it knee length since the length in the pattern photos look frumpy looking on me.    I also attached a photo of the Bergman Jacket tweak (previous blog post) with how I used the mesh from CE.   Sharon wrote that she almost forgot about my fabric question since her attention went to the photo of the jacket that she loved.    How nice of her to say that.

So what about sewing?   With all my problems I had to do something Monday to see where I was in all this so I cut out a simple cowl neck tops - same pattern I used in the black and tan coordinates I sewed for my sister last summer.   This time I used the same black and white dot/stripe knit I've made the tops/cardigans from.    It's so easy to make.   I left the hem raw and did pretty well in terms of stitching down the seam allowance on the neckline and armholes.    I made it for my son's GF who got the Sewing Workshop eShrug in the same knit and the lace one.  I gave it to her yesterday and she was thrilled.   I'm going to lengthen the pattern and do a knit dress.    Won't that be a great look!

And so it goes.  To think about not being able to do the things I enjoy the most is devastating.  I wish I had the sensory capability to do more sewing, not because I have to, but because I enjoy it.   I have plenty to wear and I still give a lot of my things away.   Fortunately I sew coordinating groups and new pieces that coordinate with others so that I have many choices when I walk into my closet, no matter the weather.   Unfortunately that black and tan group of coordinates I sewed and sent to my sister in Texas last summer went up in flames with everything else in April, and I have not been able to be as productive as I was last summer to replace them.     My plans are to stick with the simple designs like the Shapes patterns.    I'm thinking a Shapes Four Good Measure top in a sheer fabric.   Louise Cutting and Linda Lee were way ahead of the fashion game when they published that line a couple of years ago.  The Four Good Measure silhouette is everywhere from Neiman Marcus to Anthropologie and more this spring.


  1. So sorry to hear that you are not getting better! I a so glad that you are going to Johns Hopkins for more treatment options. Best of luck.
    Keep us posted on your health.

  2. Welcome to Baltimore but I am sorry that you are coming for health issues. Staying up near Michael's is a good idea. The area is quieter than downtown. Tt is a easy commute into the city. Hopkins will take good care of you. Be aware that they are doing a lot of construction so traffic is a nightmare. Take advantage of the valet parking. Take care of yourself.

  3. Terri...too bad about your health status. I hope you get the help you need at JH and get back to doing what you love to do and we love to see!

  4. I hope the Baltimore trip is helpful for you. Focus on the good, ignore the rest.

  5. Oh Terri, I am so sorry to hear that things are not going well and I hope that the situation will be much better at Hopkins.

    Michael and Sherri Bearman are the best people and I love them to death and they are just the kind of people who would help you find a place. They will have my business forever as well.

    Do what you can, focus on the good, and I understand completely about the despair that thinking about not being able to do the things you love brings.

    Hoping you have many moments of quiet sewing joy.

  6. Terri,
    So sorry to hear that things are not going well.Hoping that new "eyes" on the situation will turn up something.
    A friend of mine is going through something similar and like you she persists in following her interests.

    Hang in there and best of luck.

    So nice to see you posting although it must be hard.

  7. Terri I've been thinking about you and wondering how you were getting on. I am very sorry to hear that your recent treatments didn't work, but I am glad you are going to JH soon.

    Keeping my fingers crossed and a candle lit,

  8. Best wishes for feeling much better soon.

  9. Best wishes for better times ahead. Will keep checking in on you.

  10. Good luck Terri in Baltimore. I am glad you will get treatment at John Hopkins, but I am so deeply sorry for all of the hash lessons you have received about people in addition to your illness. Terri, they just don't know any better. In my life's lessons, I've learned that forgiveness is the only way out of such a morass of hurt and rejection. Whether you can see it now or not, you are a better person for all of the suffering your illness has brought you. I continue to send you many, many get well wishes and prayers for a full recovery. I will be with you in spirit in Baltimore, sending you much Healing Light and Love. Take care. Violet

  11. Terri, there is just no acceptable explanation for the behavior of some other people. They are probably stymied by what to say, etc. but it would be better for them to stumble through something, anything, rather than hide. For those of us who know you only through your blog, etc., I can say absolutely that if it is true that "by your fruits are you known," then you are a beautiful lady of style and generosity. My prayers are with you and I'm glad you are going to JH.

  12. I'm so very sorry you're not getting better but I'm thankful you're going to JH. My college roomate thinks JH is the best medical facility on the east coast. She lives in Virginia Beach and after a suspicious mammogram and some dithering docs she went to JH. She was extremely pleased with her treatment there---medically and personally. When she had her radiation treatments, her JH "coordinator" helped find a place for her to stay. It was in a small apt building with walking distance of the hospital.

    I've admired your creativity and passion for a long time. I truly wish you well.

    Martha Robinson

  13. Just wanted to add that I hope you enjoy your birthday! Denise slipped that piece of info along earlier today and I didn't have your email address!

    (feel free to keep this quiet if you want and not post - I won't mind)

  14. Terri, I'll be thinking about you as you go to Baltimore to seek answers. Try not to focus on the negative, but on all the people that care about you. Hopefully, that will go a long way in your healing process.

  15. Terri
    I am so so sorry to hear of your health issues not improving, I know how frustrating this can be ( personally) W,e take So much for granted in life, but I also know that JH is where you want to be! My sister went there when no one else in the country could help her and she still flies out to her Dr for check ups.. she trusts no one else!
    I am truly sorry that people you have sewn w. for a long time cannot find it in their hearts to send a cheerful card or flowers?? Yes , we ARE known by our fruits,,,but forgivness is key here, do not let it weigh you down in anyway at all,,this can be a stumbling block to true healing of the body and heart( ask me how I know~) Forgiveness is for YOU, not for those who have hurt you,, it heals your heart, Please know that many prayers are sent your way , May God watch over you and keep you in the palm of His hands,as you walk thru this difficult time.
    Many prayers sent your way,,,,
    Pamela Ann

  16. Best wishes for your treatment at JH. You are in my prayers.