Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Getting Stronger and Getting it Together

Hi Everybody!    Sorry for not keeping the blog up to date.     I do have some good news.    I had a checkup at Johns Hopkins Medical Center last Tuesday - approximately a month after getting the catheter put in and beginning the plasmapheresis 3 X a week, and the doctor pronounced my improvement since as, "Truly Remarkable!"    I can now walk without wobbling, stand without holding onto something for as long as I want to, do standing knee bends, and carry a heavy object from one room to another.    I have the strength back in my fingers.    In July I had trouble squeezing a tube of toothpaste or a finger nail clippers. 

I'm working with a great physical therapist in Asheville who is trained to help people like me with neurological issues.  DH is instructed to get my Pilates machine out of the garage and put it back together.  I'm down to plasmapheresis twice a week.   I am also on an immune suppressant drug that people who have organ transplants take so I will  continue on that once I stop the plasmapheresis.    The key is to keep my body from attacking the nerves and nerve coverings so they can heal and regenerate.

I've signed up for Louise Cutting and Linda Lee's October sewing workshop in Winter Park with my doctor's blessing.     I just have to avoid sick people and kids this fall because my immune system is suppressed.  

Armani Blend - top is the right side of fabric
While in Baltimore last Tuesday I bought some fabric at Michael's Fabrics.   Here is the Armani blend I bought for an Of The Moment jacket and a shell.  I cut a swatch from the uneven end and soaked it in Eucalan when I washed a silk jersey top.   I did not agitate and let it dry naturally.  You can see shrinkage in the size of the grid design that confirms dry clean only for this fabric.

I'm really looking forward to doing more things and getting closer to "normal".    I've got the new One-Seam pant pattern pressed and ready to trace and am looking forward to Louise Cutting's new pattern, A Cute Angle,  that  Holly posted photos of on her Flickr photo set  .   Here's the illustration.

I have so many ideas for fall that I want to implement, but need to pace myself.    I get e-mails from Kate Spade New York.   I recommend looking at their apparel for the many interesting details that you can add to many patterns or do, like their Trompe L'Oeil Valerie Jacket.    I can't link the photos here because of the zoom feature.   Make a white or off-white By Popular Demand jacket - no pockets, no buttons (use snaps) and get one of those Pebeo Setaskrib Fabric Markers and draw away, heat set and wear the most interesting jacket that nobody else has!  Here's a video by Blick Art on Youtube showing how to use the fabric markers.  Most companies that sell fabric painting dyes sell the markers.

Of course Kate Spade styling and accesories are always exceptional.   I thought the collar on their new Cherie Coat was really special.   Zoom in to see the detail.   It's basically a rectangle that they pleated at the front with a fold-over tab.    It would be easy to add that collar to Louise's Pure and Simple Coat or any round neck coat, jacket or shirt.     


  1. Terri, what great news! I can imagine you're really raring to go...I can't wait to see what comes out of your sewing studio!

  2. Terri, nice to see you are back and doing so well

  3. Terri, so nice to have you up and around again. You always know the best places to look for ideas!

  4. Yay Terri,so glad that you are improving and getting stronger! Nice to hear some good things from you.

    also thanks for your "fashion "post

  5. Double thumbs up, Terri! Great news on your recovery.

    Love the Armani fabric - what a nice texture. And thanks for the fashion update!

  6. This post made me very, very happy!

  7. Love to see you posting again and learning that each day you are feeling better. Wonderful! thanks for all the links to check out!

  8. That's great news, Terri! I am so happy for you. Now you can get back to what you love.