Friday, December 23, 2011

How I Wear the Shapes Three Fold Vest

I made this Three Fold Vest from the Shapes pattern line in November 2008.   It's a cozy variegated knit with some mohair in it.  

Our weather this week has been balmy for this time of year with temps in the 60's but lots of clouds, fog, mist and rain off and on.     Most of the time you couldn't even see the mountains.  

Today is sunny and in the 50's so I pulled out the Shapes vest for layering over a black rayon turtleneck and dark charcoal stretch wool pants by Jil Sander.    I paid $98 for these in a high end consignment store in Chicago during a stop-over trying to make my way back to Washington the week of 9/11.     That may sound like a lot of money but I imagine that was 1/7  the price of them new and I've worn them many times since.  Besides, that's just about what a year of Burda Style costs now and that's $90 a pattern even if you only make one.   Some never make anything.... I'm not renewing my subscription since they've gotten so cheap by doubling up the lines on the pattern sheets.  These are a German size 38 which is a US size 6, a good incentive to stay fit and watch my weight.

Here are some "action" shots of how I wore it today.  I couldn't do this a few months ago.


  1. You look so put together in that lovely vest! I'm glad you are feeling so much better. May the improvement continue.

  2. Good to see action shots! You've come a long way. I'm learning what it is to start to heal and wanting to be back to normal - now! I like that vest. I cut out the hi5 jacket pattern this morning before I went to PT. I'm thinking in a week or so - 'maybe' I can maniupulate some fabric, etc with the left hand and sew something easy. Have a great holiday. Keep up the inspiration.

  3. Terri, I have followed you on the CLD sites and am always so impressed with everything you sew. You are such an inspiration. I am so glad that you are feeling better and are back to sewing. Thanks for your sewing inspirations and your blog thoughts.

  4. Oh Terri, this vest is terrific! I didn't renew my Burda subscription either and for the same reason.