Thursday, December 22, 2011

Refashioning -- some Loes Hinse pieces

It's a busy time of year and I've been going through things based on how and whether I wear some of them.    A couple of years ago I sewed two pair of pants (LH Oxfords and CLD One-Seam) and a Biarritz jacket out of a lightweight green tweed blend from Fabric Mart.    I never got around to choosing or putting buttons on the jacket, and didn't wear it because something just wasn't right.    I sewed on small metal clasps but they were too heavy.   So I looked it over and put it on to figure out how to save it.

It's a great little cardigan jacket that I probably will never wear buttoned up anyway.   I decided to put pockets over the front vertical darts to make it a bit more Ch@nel looking, to give it a bit more weight and make it hang better.   So that's what I did.   Here it is worn with an interesting leather belt I found at the Tanner outlet store for Doncaster in Black Mountain, NC and a knit dress in a color that coordinates well.    Most of my belts are Doncaster that they have made in Italy for them.    They're great buys if you get a chance to go into any of their stores.

To wear it closed I'd just use a brooche or pin like this  
I had a charcoal gray, elastic waist wool jersey skirt that was way too long and had no style.   I made it about the same time I sewed a sheath dress from a Vogue Wardrobe pattern in the same Calvin Klein knit,  but I never wore the skirt.    I had one remnant of fabric left that I cut three panels from,  and I took the skirt apart to cut out the remaining number of panels for a straight, knee length Loes Hinse Tango skirt -- basically a pencil skirt.   Perfect style for me and so current.  Now I will enjoy wearing this easy fitting, stylish skirt that goes with lots of tops and layers!    It works with a Loes Hinse Sweater Coat (photo link shows it with the same knit dress that I'm wearing with the tweed Biarritz jacket) since it has shades of gray in it.   Click on photos to enlarge.  More on my Flickr photos.

..... with the Bergman jacket I sewed last spring out of novelty meshes that looks completely different worn over these fall/winter coordinates.  

Here it is with a pink/charcoal georgette top and the lace jacket from Anthropologie in a very "Biarritz" style

With a dark periwinkly blue rayon knit tunic and the eShrug


I wanted to give those of you who care an update on what's going on with my health and medical situation.    I am doing well and making good progress as my nerves continue to heal.    As most know, I ended the three months of plasmapheresis in October before having the catheter removed at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.  I am still on an immune suppressant, and will be for several months.   I cooked and catered our son's holiday party for his business last weekend, something that I would not have been able to do a month ago.   I'm much stronger,  but still have weakness and sensory numbness in my feet and my knee reflexes have not returned.   I can't stand on my toes, walk fast, or run.    I return to Johns Hopkins in late March for a check-up and evaluation.     It's been a tough year but there is now light at the end of the tunnel.    I'm hoping to be able to go to some sewing events next year.     I just have to be careful not to be around sick people who have colds and the flu.    This may preclude flying during the season for those.   



  1. Great ideas - I always look forward to your inspirations! Glad to see you posting again - thanks
    Love the green outfit

  2. I too am glad you're back, Terri. Love the refashioning you've done. And, as always, you inspire me in new and fun directions. Year end is indeed a good time to assess one's closet and current styles.

    That belt is quite a find and perfect with your outfit. I'm short-waisted and avoid belts. I do love seeing belts on people who wear well, as you do.

    BTW, any chance you'll come to Augusta for Sandy Miller's one-day workshop with ASG there in February?

  3. Thanks Marcia and Martha.

    I think it's a good possibility that I can come to Augusta. I'm progressing well and maybe I'll be doing so well that I can drive by then too.

  4. Great refashioning job and your accessories are always spot on also.
    It is good to know your health has improved and I do hope that upward path continues.

  5. Very nice work on those refashioning projects. You have more patience than I do, certainly!

    And I am very glad to read your health update.

    Wishing you & your family the warmest holiday and new year greetings!

  6. Thank you Joan and Betsy.

    I do hate taking things apart but the knit is so nice that it deserved to be made into something I'd wear. Adding the pockets was easy compared to the skirt.

  7. Terri - your jacket update looks great. I'm always inspired by your looks. Great to hear you are on the upside with your health. I have to take methotrexate weekly and also another chemo treatment 2X a year that knocks my immune system to shreds. Being a teacher, it's not easy, but take care of yourself, get enough rest, and do some exercise as soon as you are able. It will really make a difference. Hope your healing gets exponentially better

  8. Thanks Nancy. It was your perseverance with the Biarritz jacket that inspired me to get this one out and make it work. Thanks for the encouragement and best wishes for your own health in the coming year! I have a great physical therapist who sees me once a week, and gives me a program to do in the meantime, and found a super local doctor who just got out of the military. I have to get my monthly blood work done tomorrow. It's also sent to JH who monitors that for anything weird.

  9. Happy Holidays, I'm glad to see that you are doing so much better. Several friends have recommended taking Airborne when they fly to boost their immune system. They swear that it keeps them from getting sick.

  10. So glad to get a health update and learn of all of the improvement. What a blessing! I have also been pulling out a few things to "re-vamp." Right now I'm in the "taking apart" stage. That acivity will go on the back burner for a couple of days due to the holiday. Tomorrow I'm baking for the family gathering.