Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's new ?

I was cruising my favorite pattern websites and found the latest post on the Sewing Workshop sit for this pretty unlined wool knit Verona Jacket variation

Linda has provided down-loadable tutorial/directions and even offers a kit which I took advantage of.  You can order the kit without the pattern, or just the fabric.   

I haven't been sewing because I took an awful fall after Friday afternoon's pool therapy sessions/workouts,  tripping on the carpet on the way out the door of the facility as I was leaving even with my cane.   Since the muscles and nerves in my feet aren't functioning hardly at all, my feet drag or get caught when there is friction with carpet and shoe soles.     Anyway I fell on my left wrist and forearm and both knees, ankles.    My therapist checked me and didn't think I broke anything but I had  a lot of pain in my left forearm near the elbow and wrist area when I twist it,  and could hardly stand on my right foot and the ankle still has swelling since ligaments were sprained.    I used an icepack over the weekend and then got X-rays Monday since I still couldn't put any weight on it.   Fortunately they showed that I didn't break any of the bones, verifying the sprains.   Then I fell again yesterday on the same arm.    I was progressing so well with balance and even able to wiggle my right toes after them being "dead" for so long.   My husband won't leave me alone in the house for fear I'm going to fall again.

This makes getting up to my second floor sewing room even more difficult.  I need to finish another 2x4 tunic top, this time in a printed ponte knit.   I don't know about you, but I can't wait for spring and I'm looking forward to playing with Louise Cutting's upcoming pattern here that should be out later this month.
My husband and I have reservations for a hotel near the Gwinnett Center so I can attend the Atlanta Sewing Expo in March.    I'm hoping to make some real progress in terms of my recovery between now and then and hope to see many of my southern sewing friends there!


  1. That stinks about the fall. Keep that foot/ankle elevated and iced for another week. The swelling can remain on the inside (and this invisible to you) for a long time. If you can manage it, keep your right foot up on something and operate your foot pedal with the left foot. It can be done - I did it after I had ankle ligament repair surgery several years ago.

    Any chance your DH could set you up with a mini-sewing station elsewhere in the house for the time being?

    Hope your recovery continues apace and no more setbacks.

  2. Thanks for the kind words and advice Betsy. I haven't been able to drive since this began since I have no feeling or reflexes in my knees or ankles. I just returned from the therapy pool session where we are working to strengthen the ankles and keep my muscles toned and working. We did have the sewing machines set up on a low table in the LR when I sewed up that tweed Ikina jacket in Dec - could do it again.

  3. Terri! what a darn shame! I so admire your persistence to continue with your wonderful sewing. I missed your postings very much and am delighted to see you are able to do so again. By the way... Have you compared the line drawings of Cutting's new pattern with Vogue 8712? They are almost identical!

  4. Kathie, I see what you mean re the pants. Looks like great minds think alike in terms of the trends. I like the fit of Louise's pants so I'll wait for that pattern, plus it includes an interesting top.

  5. Terri,
    So sorry to hear of the falls. Hope things improve soon. Hope to see you at Expo. I wonder if Louise's new pattern will be out by then. Take care.

  6. Terri,
    So sorry for your setback and ensuing pain. Admire your persistence and attitude.

    So glad that your husband is supportive.
    Hang in there.

  7. Hi Terri,
    I'm sorry about your fall and hope your recovery is quick. Thanks for posting this -- what a beautiful take on this jacket!

    I know you're a big Cutting Lines fan. I'm thinking of taking one of her 3 day classes in Orlando with an optional 4th day of teacher training. Have you done this workshop? I'd be interested in your thoughts.

    Thank you and take care,