Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fall Trends - You probably already have the pieces in your closet!

Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman are already sending out the e-mails about fall trends and trunk shows. The spring/summer designers are all marked down. It's always fun to take a look at the silhouettes and styling to see how this "new" season compares to current independent patterns and the pieces in my closet.   Seeing what Oscar or the others put together gives you a new "eye" for combinations you might not have considered.    Love the fall colors and textures.     For example, from Neiman Marcus, here is his  Dip-Dyed Embroidered Jacket, Cardigan & Leather Full Skirt from Oscar de la Renta's pre-fall 2011 collection ($7,070 plus tax)

Here's Oscar doing the same skirt in a blue/cream scribble plaid with the same short cardigan jacket/twinset look ($3,530 plus tax).

So what do I have to knock off these looks?  I bought this light beige cotton/linen/silk skirt by contemporary designer, Robert Rodriguez from,  a TNT eBay seller few years ago.   Take a look at his modern, clever designs for for ideas and inspiration to add to your sewing.   His skirt is the same shape, length - same panels, same channel top stitching on the ties and the hem silhouette as these two Oscar skirts.     I have a camel lambskin pencil skirt in  that looks great with many tops and jackets in fall and winter.    Oscar also paired the short cardigan with high waisted pants ($3,530) -- got it covered.   In my closet is this cotton sweater by Vera Wang for Kohl's that I bought because I liked the neutral splatter effect.    This coffee brown rayon jersey tank with a sheer insert and embellishment at the neck was the same season as the cotton cardigan, and has the look of the Oscar $2000 top.    I enjoy wearing them with a lot of things, including this Shapes Nine Lives Vest/top/jacket,  and it looks like his styling under the cardigan.    So here's me wearing "the look" interpreted for spring/summer that, as I recall,  cost under $60 for all 3 pieces.    Same tops work with a number of my slacks.   Who's copying whom?   In fashion what comes around, goes around,  especially classic shapes and colors.
Check out my new shades

I love the waistline of this skirt
What I cooked today:   Today is a beautiful day with a nice breeze.   I opened my kitchen window and door for a cross breeze to take the heat out.   Every room in this old granite stone house has windows on two walls for that purpose.    I like making impossible pies.   I don't use Bisquick any more but any all purpose baking mix will work.     The ingredients depend on what you have on hand -  lots of combinations.   Today I made my version of a a healthy quiche that makes its own crust.

Terri's BLT impossible pie recipe:

Place the following in a large pyrex pie plate lightly greased with olive oil:
(quantities, salt and fat content are your choice)
  1. quality turkey bacon cooked and broken into pieces (I use Applegate brand)
  2. ripe tomatoes cut into slices to cover bottom
  3. low fat swiss cheese thinly sliced and cut into ribbons – (about half cup)
  4. one cup chopped fresh spinach (if you don't use the creamed spinach below
Blend the following ingredients in a blender for two minutes and pour over the above:

½ cup all purpose baking mix  (can also use a gluten free mix)
1 serving (approx one cup) defrosted Tabatchnik frozen creamed spinach (this is the lettuce part and this brand has onions and seasonings in it)
1 cup milk (2 cups when using chopped spinach) 
4  large eggs
your favorite seasonings and salt/pepper if desired
* if you like the taste of mayonnaise, add about 1/3 cup to the blender mixture
Note:  whatever you use in the blender,  you need two cups liquid with the 4 eggs - lower amt of milk when adding mayonnaise

Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 55 minutes.   Note: I turn the temp up to 375 and cover for the last ten minutes when these have a lot of liquid like the tomatoes.    It's done when a knife inserted comes out clean.    Let it sit for about 10 minutes before cutting,   It's even pretty to look at.    Enjoy a slice!


  1. Your food is as pretty as your clothing, and perfect for now! Thanks for the interesting write-up on coming trends. I always enjoy seeing you model your beautifully constructed and coordinated outfits too. I wish it were possible to open the windows here in Atlanta. You make it sound so lovely. But, alas, summer has arrived early this year. Take care.

  2. So who needs to read the fashion magazines when we have you Terri?

    Looks like a great recipe.

    Best wishes,