Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm trying

Today I had every good intention of cutting out a dress using my already lengthened version of Louise Cutting's Ebb and Flow blouse pattern.     The hard work is done because I have all my master patterns traced on pattern ease,  rolled up/ and ready to go.     My hands and fingers were doing well all the way into April when I cut and sewed all the black/white knits.   The spinal tap in early April confirmed the elevated protein for the GBS and it was active.     It goes fast and this time did more damage to the nerves in my hands than last fall.    I'm finishing up a prednisone taper to suppress my immune system, but the damage is done.   I can still type,  but now it's  harder to squeeze things together (less strength in finger muscles) like scissors and the sensory feeling you need when dealing with layers of things is poor.

I planned a couple of cap sleeve knit tops using the Pure and Simple top pattern.  Using this fairly cheap piece of stretch lace from a vendor at the Atlanta Expo,  I cut one out to see what I could do,  and how accurate I could be.   I  cut it on the stretch/cross grain and kept the curved hem.    I intend to just serge the edges and use some fusible knit tape for stabilizing at the neckline and armholes, turn under and top stitch -  no facings.  

For this, I probably should use a rotary cutter but that has risks of cutting with my current lack of strength and coordination.   I folded out the dart and used my big heavy tailor shears.   It was very difficult for me.
 I will stabilize the shoulders and sew it up this evening when it cools off.      After that experience, I'm hesitant to mess up this nice crinkled linen pinstripe fabric for the Ebb Dress.    I may experiment some more with another pair of good scissors.    

I posted one of my online snoop shopping finds on the sewing board Cutting Line Designs topic.   I usually copy a couple of photos, the measurements ( if available) and put it into a text file that I print out and file with my patterns.    Here's a blue gauze fabric I plan on using for a summer version of this drawstring cardigan using the tabard (view B) in the Of the Moment pattern.  

Here's another interesting idea for a jacket from a vintage Geoffrey Beene I saw on eBay a while back -- Might as well copy the best!   Here he used an abstract textured/embroidered silk fabric and lined it to the edges with a coordinating stripe, enclosing them with bias black silk with tiny stars on it.    Lovely, simple as it gets,  and another idea for the Of the Moment jacket above -  curve the lapel point and omit the hems and facings -- that's it for pattern changes.  Click on photos to enlarge or go to Flickr.


  1. Terri-

    I wonder if you could hire/barter with someone to cut out your fabrics, under your direction, of course...knowing your organizing skills, you might be able to have cut out half-a-dozen projects at a time, so you could go on sewing. I hate to see you stymied because of hand-strength problems. If I weren't on the other side of the country, I'd help you myself!

  2. You're a sweetheart Margy. I may train my son's GF to do it. She's so cute and I love sewing for/with her.

  3. How frustrating to be stymied in your sewing efforts by not being able to cut. That is a great idea to have someone help with the cutting.