Monday, June 27, 2011

More dresses from top patterns

Another dress from the Ebb Blouse pattern

Yesterday I finished this shirt dress in an Italian cotton shirting from Michael's Fabrics in Baltimore.    I bought this fabric when we visited him earlier this month.  This dress is an inch longer than the linen one - same length as the ponte knit dress I sewed from the same pattern.
Detail of fabric and buttons
A dress from the Pure and Simple shell pattern

Cap sleeve dresses and tops are the go-to style for me and a lot of other women of a certain age.   The cap sleeve covers your arm, and imparts a sophistication you don't get with sleeveless.   My favorite cap sleeve patterns include the Loes Hinse Princess Tank and Dress,  the OOP McCalls 5701 dress and the shell from Louise Cutting's Pure and Simple pattern

I cut out and sewed up this chic casual cap sleeve sheath using the shell from the Pure and Simple Coat and Shell pattern.    I really like the shell so I wondered how it would work as a dress under the coat since I planned an ensemble for this fall using some interesting silk fabric from Calvin Klein workrooms. 

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  1. Beautiful Terri! I really like the elegant little cap sleeve number, which proves that cool and comfortable can also be sophisticated. That is a great variation on the pattern.