Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Shirt Dress from the Ebb Blouse pattern

I've been wanting to cut out and sew this dress all spring.   Neutrals are all over the place and I love shirt dresses.    

I can still hardly squeeze a tube of toothpaste but I got out my best dressmakers scissors that are very sharp and, using the pattern I had traced when I last made the dress in pattern ease, I pinned it and carefully cut it out.  This blouse/dress requires a lot of fine sewing and I used my various presser feet to get the accuracy.   I have hardly any feeling in my feet or lower legs and I can't feel the floor, but I have a tiny bit of muscle control left in my feet or I wouldn't be able to walk at all.   This enables me to use the foot pedals since they are very sensitive.  

Due to the lack of sensation in my fingers,  I didn't do so well on the buttons because I am not very good with pins and needles - lots of dropping, sticking myself and difficulty pushing them through fabric.   It's also hard for me to feel the edges of the fabric and hold them together at the machine so I made a few mistakes and had to do some ripping, but no major slips that could result in a wadder.    But -- I'm not letting that stop me from sewing!  You'll hear no excuses or whining from me.

Those are Teva Tirra sandals that I found at a local store about a month ago.    I have them in black and beige leather.   The great thing about them is that they have 3 Velcro straps that I can adjust to keep the shoes on my feet.  They are very comfortable, especially for people with plantar faschia issues.    I can't stand very long without cushioning before I am in pain under my heels.

Shirt tail hem is slightly curved

This is the 5th time I've sewn a version of this pattern because the silhouette is so flattering, and the details aso stylish.  I sewed this one using a linen blend with some crinkles in it.   It's a ravelly fabric but this dress is completely finished inside and out.     I bought a dusty pink/gray Italian shirting from Michael's Fabrics while in Baltimore that I intend to sew up in another one of these.

Finished vents at sleeve and dress hems


  1. Terri, your Ebb dress is classic sophistication. Lovely!

  2. Beautiful, Terri! Love the finished vents.

  3. Very comfy looking yet having your usual fine detail sewing.
    PS: I am glad JH was encouraging and I hope the testing results will indeed have a good treatment protocol for you.

  4. What an inspiration you continue to be, both in your lovely creations and also in your enduring positive attitude. Thanks for continuing to share with us all!

  5. Oh Terri, that dress looks so cool and lovely.