Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chanel and Moschino for November DAR Meeting

Today was the monthly meeting of the Edward Buncombe Chapter,  National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.    It was a pretty sunny fall day and I am now strong enough to walk in and around the huge First Baptist Church in Asheville, and stand for periods of time to preside over the meeting.    We had a great turnout, delicious lunch, and a great speaker,  Mr. Lee Pantas, artist, illustrator and author of the 4th Edition of The Ultimate Guide to Asheville & the Western North Carolina Mountains.   The chapter registrar obtained permission from Mr. Pantas to use his illustration of the Vance Homestead for the cover of our 2011-12 Chapter Yearbook.       He has been commissioned to do  drawings of homes in the Asheville area and is known for his drawings of historical and familiar sites in western North Carolina that are for sale as prints or notecards.   On Thursday I'm going to another luncheon  meeting of another historical/genealogical organization,  and I'm looking forward to it.

I wore this off-white Chanel suit from spring 2000 that I bought that year with a Monaco Shell sleeveless top from the Textile Studio pattern.   The Chanel jacket looks pretty ordinary in the photos but it has lots of seaming you can't see, cut-on bias sleeves and gussets under the arms with unique gray/silver modern buttons.   The skirt has 9 vertical seams.  I've worn them together and separately for many occassions, and they wear like iron and fit great.    I thought about wearing this Moschino pink/cream tweed coat that is very Chanel in detail over the skirt, but it is heavier than the weather called for, so I wore the lightweight wool boucle jacket instead.    The Moschino Coat is beautiful but is so heavy that I'm considering shortening it to a 3/4 or jacket length to get more wear out of it.  It would be easy to do -- just need to re-do the facings and edgings.   Comments?  Suggestions on the length after seeing it on me?    Click on photos below to enlarge.

The coat is from the higher end Moschino line vs Cheap and Chic line  (the only thing cheap about that line is the name).   Both lines are always very innovative and interesting in design and details.    I missed out on a similar Moschino coat at Saks the year it came out because it sold out.   It was gray/black tweed with a black and multi silk edging and facing and I was hoping to find one on sale.   I found this pink/white/gray one on eBay a couple years later for less than 10% of the original price ($2,715).   I love gray and pink and cream together.   The facings and trim edging are printed silk georgette.   The buttons are narrow wool braid wrapped around a metal form.   There are more detail photos on the Moschino Coat Flickr Set.     Great ideas and inspiration for similar styles you can sew.


  1. Oh yes, I think the coat in 3/4 length would be fabulous on you. It is a classic style, of course, and would probably work well with many of your other pieces.

    The suit too is of course such a classic and lovely on you. You know you've made the right purchase when pieces can be worn season after season and still look so elegant and fresh.

    My neighborhood group in ASG Atlanta has started a small subgroup to make Coco-style jackets this winter. The details on your coat are very nice indeed. Great inspiration.

  2. Martha, we could set up a date for me to bring some Chanel and other interesting jackets/ensembles for the ASG group to see. Kind of a trunk show.