Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A TSW eShrug as a Vest in faux shearling

After I sewed my husband's vest out of the  faux shearling that made a huge mess in my sewing room, before I vacuumed up the mess,  I decided to cut out an eShrug out of the remainder and make a vest.  I still have almost a yard left and some scraps.

I like the way the eShrug neckline hugs your neck so this should be a warm vest.   I used my huge 12" shears to cut it out.    The only seams are those curved shoulder seams that I sewed wrong sides together and then trimmed.   I cut out the armholes about a seam allowance at the top and scooped out about 2" at the bottom using a french curve to draw and chalk  the line.   I then topstitched over the lines and cut just outside them.   To keep the fuzzies at bay,  I edgestitched 1/4" all around the edges.   

Two interesting and functional vests --  not bad for an afternoon's work before the sun set!  After I finished  this vest,  I got an e-mail from Neiman Marcus about the Vince coordinates being on sale and saw this Vince Shearling Drape Vest that looked just like it.  I used a quality faux shearling that cost $35 a yard and this took barely a yard to make with no sleeves.    That's the Cutting Line Designs 2X4 top I made into a sweater dress earlier this fall under the vest on the mannequin.      I'm wearing The Sewing Workshop 8th Avenue Skirt with a stretch velvet Loes Hinse Bianca top in the photos of me.   The Bianca has a deep hem that looks like a band in the photos.


  1. I think both of those vests are charming, and they're just perfect for fall in the mountains!

  2. Now that is cool! It reminds me that I had intended to make a summer version of that pattern before I packed up my sewing machines. Well, at least I will get a fall (or winter) version.

  3. Great vest! Both are just perfect.

  4. Terri,
    I can see why you like to create the blog rather than Artisan's Square. You create fantastic presentations. Love the vests.

    Kathy (hilda on Artisan's Sq)

  5. thank you Nancy, Julia, Mardel, Dr Z and Kathy. The best thing is that I walked out back where those photos were taken today without anything and can stand there as long as I want to now.

    I hope my strength and ability to do that continues to get better.