Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Manly Faux Shearling Vest

It's November already and I decided to make the guy who worries about me and has taken care of me all these months one of his favorite things -- a vest.     He likes the fleece vests I've sewn for him from the pattern in the first Polarfleece Pizzazz book that Great Copy patterns published in 1995 with lots of basic pullover tops, this vest,  hats,  gloves and scarves.       He didn't like that high collar on the fleece vests so I shortened it to about and inch and a half.    He didn't want any collar on this one but wanted pockets and liked the fuzzy side showing.    BTW that fuzzy stuff is all over my sewing room and me and him.    I have enough of this left to make an eShrug - two shoulder seams and no zipper,  then I'll clean up my sewing room.

It took me only a couple hours to cut out the front and back, overlap the 1/4" seam allowances on shoulders and side seams - edge stitched and then top stitched with a 4.0 stitch length.    I just edge stittched all around.    He wears a size small in that vest.    Pretty easy sewing.   He's very happy with his latest vest.


  1. What a great vest! My guy loves vest too and you remind me that it is time to make him another one.

  2. Mardel, they do appreciate these things. This one took less than two hours to cut out and sew up. One thing about the zipper, since I cut the fronts with CF on the selvedge, one side had a couple of small curves that were hard to notice, so the zipper rolled up after I stitched it. This faux suede/shearling is very forgivable so I ripped out the zipper , laid a metal yardstick down and trued up the straight edge with a rotary cutter -- end of problem.

  3. I have just discovered your blog and flicker site. I have been reading back posts. This is so inspirational on many levels. Thank you so much. I hope your health continues to improve.
    I recently took a class from Loiise Cutting and am a big fan. It's so great to see her patterns on a real person and I love your variations.
    I will keep reading. Keep up the great sewing and blogging.