Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bergman Jacket almost finished

I got some ideas from this Chanel jacket with strips of fabric applied and left hanging all over.  A bit too much going on for my Bergman jacket, but I liked a couple of the details -  the strips at the neckline left hanging so that they could be loosely tied if you wanted to, and the Maltese Cross type medallions - like little packages at the front opening made from the fabric strips.     What great ideas to customize your own creations!

Here are some photos from the jacket in progress to include me wearing the jacket with a camisole after I finished and pressed the cardiganized front and neck edges to show the fit prior to applying the trim.  There are more photos of the trim details on the Flickr set.

Jacket in progress - experimenting with placement of mesh strips and medallions

 I then applied the trim using 1/4" Steam a Seam strips on the back of each of the two sparkly stripes on this mesh fabric.   I'm still playing with the placement of the neck and front strips and how I want the medallions to look.   They could be removable, using snaps.    The mesh doesn't ravel so I could just cut the strips diagonally like ribbon and leave them hanging.
Note that trim is upside down here showing the SaS

Mesh at hem with edge folded over and secured with SaS


  1. Hi Terri,

    The lace jacket will be so nice for spring and summer. It's much prettier than the Chanel. They just went a little overboard with their strips. I will look out for you in Atlanta at the Expo. Barb M

  2. It's a gorgeous jacket, Terri!