Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why I shouldn't sew at night

I worked on my holey Bergman jacket yesterday evening, sewing on the black mesh trim onto the black holey fabric.    I put the bottom trim piece on first, serging right sides together to the bottom of the jacket, then turning and topstitching it down.   Somehow I got one front edge folded over so the bottom trim piece ended up too short.  Then I didn't like how the stitching looked on the one sleeve I applied the trim to.   I've got good fluorescent lighting but black on black is hard.    So I spent the rest of the evening ripping it all out.    As I was ripping tiny stitches and serging from two open fabrics that I didn't want to make more holes in (that took me 5 X longer than sewing it on),  it hit me that I should do this in daylight - Duh! and use the Steam-S-Seam light first to make sure it's where I want it to be, then fuse and stitch it down.    I didn't get any sewing done today because I slept too late.  That was because I had trouble sleeping with those night splints on my feet/legs and woke up around 4 AM from dreams that I was being tortured.   So I had DH remove them and finally got some sleep.   They're really beneficial in what they do, but it's like wearing ski boots to bed and takes serious getting used to.

I had physical therapy early afternoon and went along for the ride while DH did some other errands today so it was dark when we got home.    Tomorrow is another day!

I'm working on some directions to knock off some Eileen Fisher layering pieces I found at that consignment store I got the jacket I turned into a vest.  Will post when I work out the details.


  1. You are brave working with black at night, even with good lighting. What a pity you had to rip it all out!
    I've never used Steam-A-Seam but it sounds like a good idea. :)

  2. Just now catching up on the last 3 posts. LOVE your bergman jacket. I always plan on doing what you and other do but planning is about as far as I get. I continue to pray for your health to return back to normal. I have a bit of an idea about nerve pain and problems as SO is still suffering with the aftermath of the shingles - guess all things take time. I'm anxious to see what you do with the new LC - pattern - DSN - I hope to make the pants before we go to AZ. Take care of yourself.
    Marciae - from SG