Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear Readers

Thank you all so much for the encouragement and nice comments about my jacket in progress and the other sewing projects I've blogged about.   Because of the finger neuropathy its a bigger effort for me to type (took me four times to get bigger correct LOL).   To answer the question, the posters were too cowardly to post using their real identities.  Before retiring I was responsible for the acquisition process and management of all the contracts/contractors supporting the largest federal cybercrime center, so I know a thing or two about people with behavioral issues masquerading under fabricated identities on the internet!    You think you "know" someone online?  Not when they use a fake or ancient doctored photo and embellish their persona to get attention, because if it's not about them, they aren't interested.    The best thing for me to do is laugh about it and not get frustrated and quit.   Reading all of your encouragement has boosted my mental state to continue blogging, and not look back.    The only crying I have done over these long months has not been in self pity, but out of frustration, like when I fell again yesterday.   This rare neurological craziness is something I have to bear,  and hope this has made me a stronger person.   Life is unpredictable -  just look at the many lives snuffed out in seconds from terrible earthquakes - the latest in New Zealand.   Every day is a present, so do something with it as long as you can.    So on to fashion and sewing!

Sewing Expos -  Puyallup, WA fairgrounds and Atlanta, GA
I was on ReAnn's list to meet her group from Wilmington, NC there.   It was something I thought I would be able to do by the time the date rolled around, and it gave me something to look forward to.  But when I talked to one of my therapists about it a month ago she had concerns that I wouldn't be able to deal with the airport concourses and the fair grounds.   I called others who had been there and they verified her concerns.    So with regret, I canceled out.    I hope all of you who are traveling there have a wonderful time and that the weather is great for your trips.     I do have reservations at a hotel near the Gwinnett Center for the Atlanta Expo from March 9 (Wed night), checking out Saturday.   DH will be along and I'll have my walker.   So when you see a not so old lady shuffling along with a walker, that's me.      Hope to see many sewing friends there.

Go to this link for the Brunello Cucinelli Collections

The last time I was at Neiman Marcus I saw this amazing collection from an Italian group I was not familiar with.   Roy said that it was the first time they had received this one in Charlotte.    The company is a model of a symbiotic employer/employee relationship.  The clothes been called "sporty chic" and amazing is all I could say as I looked the pieces over.   Take a look at the details on the downloadable collections from their website (link above) and see what patterns you have to make your own versions.   The music is pretty too!   The Spring 2011 collection is up on the Italian site, and selected pieces on the Neiman Marcus site.   I think it may have inspired some of the casual pieces in the March Burda Style pattern magazine.   I was intrigued by this Elastic-Neck Double-Layer Dress,  similar in shape to the Sewing Workshop Tosca dress in cotton broadcloth with a band in a contrast color right where the hem starts to angle in(5-6" wide).    If you were to shorten the neckline collar band a bit and insert elastic to draw the fabric up,  you'd have it.    A "slip" was attached at the hem with a knit top portion that peeked out of the armholes.   The slip was attached asymmetrically so that gave the hemline its twist.   I've requested some swatches from Michael's Fabrics neutral cottons and linens to play with.   Here's my drawing of it from memory before it was posted on the website.   The lines at the top indicate the gathering from the elastic in the band.  I can't write very well right now either..

Cap Sleeve Dresses

In the Casual Elegance/Loes Hinse newsletter called "The Look",   Loes is offering a new cap sleeve dress and top pattern.     I enjoy the Princess Tank Dress pattern with lots of seams and a cap sleeve so I may not order the new one.   Coincidentally I received an e-mail from Shop Onion today featuring their cap sleeve dress and some other patterns.      Burda Style also has had one with tucks issued last spring, 7517, with four reviews on Pattern Review. 


  1. Oh that looks so interesting. I have two Brunello Cucinelli pieces I got a few years ago and I really like their aesthetic. I'll go take a look at the website and I am wondering if one of my nearby (1 to 3 hour drive) Neiman Marcus stores will carry the collection so I can take a peek.

    Your drawing looks very interesting, like something that would be wonderful to wear.

    I haven't been to an actual store for snoop shopping in 3 years and I am salivating at the chance.

  2. You have exquisite taste Mardel - love what you've done to your house as well. We'd have a great snoop shopping trip!

    Charlotte is a 2 hour drive for us. DH - my caregiver now, hates shopping but enjoys the outings. He does it for me since he knows I love looking at all the pretty things.

  3. The very holey Bergman is fantastic! Now if I could get a jacket out a yard of fabric!! And I fell in love with the Brunello Cucinelli collection. Wow - just my style. Thank goodness NM is a drive from here or else I would be on their doorstep today.

    Take care of yourself. Will miss having you along in Puyallup. Just hope it warms up before we arrive next week - it's snowing in Seattle!


  4. I was not planning to go to Expo except for a little shopping but I would love to see you there for a little lunch or coffee if you will email me or pm me on Artisan's Square.