Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring 2011 - Layers and a Jacket Restyling Project

Last week was fashion week in NYC,  I like to look at the collections and watch the videos of the trends to see what designers, the stylists and fashionistas are up to.   QVC has been doing their version of runway to real way during fashion week.    So just for fun,  I checked out the website and the videos of "the looks".     Worn by a model in a video for a cardigan there were the new pants shape similar to Louise Cutting's new pattern below, styled with a zebra print infinity scarf.   I love how this lady is wearing that pant shape with a TDF Matthew Ames cocoon coat.
Street style in NYC last week from Huffington Post Style

I'm seeing lots of light weight rain or topper jackets like the In The Trenches jacket with a drawstring and that great back yoke with the pleat.  If you have that pattern, cut it longer to end below your butt - around 30" for me and add the cargo pockets with a flap from the One-Seam Pant Pattern on each side below the waist.   Put a zipper in it and patch pockets with a zipper and you'll have a topper jacket that you'll wear with everything like this cotton/nylon blend Vera Wang jacket with an inside drawstring from her Spring Collection for Kohl's.  I tried it on in the store and measured it -- the fit for each size is the same as the ITT jacket.

A week ago a friend and I had lunch together and spent the better part of an afternoon in a high end consignment store trying on lots of things.  The store just happened to have most of their inventory selling for $5 to $10 max.   Even if it was too big, as most things are on me these days, if it was a great fabric/design and needed minor alterations, I could deal with that.   My friend used to design clothing for her own brand until she sold it.   So there were two fabric and fashion divas in hog heaven.   I came out with 7 items, including 4 Eileen Fisher pieces ( that need no alterations) and a beautifully fitted cardigan jacket a la Chanel in silk velvet faux Persian lamb edged with double bias georgette all along the edges.    I gave that to my son's GF because she looked so cute in it.
I found this jacket that is obviously high end based on the fabric and construction details.  It's a crinkle twill, probably silk/linen; unlined but finished nicely.   Today I took off one sleeve and put it on to see what I needed to take in.   I've lost a lot of weight so everything hangs on me now but the shoulder seams and the princess seams will be easy to take in.   I'm wearing the last pair of Easy Ageless and Cool pants I made last year, a Loes Hinse Boatneck top with the jacket.   After looking at it, I think I'll just leave the sleeves off and wear it sleeveless.  I love the little mitered vent in the back seam and the pockets that hang below the hem.

I'm going to see how Louise finished the armholes on her new vest pattern.    I've certainly got enough fabric to make a narrow facing using the sleeves.

   I've decided to use the same fabric and buttons I used for these pants for the restyled sleeveless jacket since it coordinates with so many things.

Monday Update -- I didn't take in any of the seams after pressing it and trying it on with a few different tops.   First I stabilized the armholes with 3/8" bias fusible cotton tape, then stitched a bias band with the same width seam allowance, under-stitched, pressed and then top stitched the facings down.   Here's the stabilized armhole and then the finished bias facing, and me trying it on in my sewing room.    It's a pretty gold color with a nice sheen.

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  1. Thanks, Terri, This is a great idea for the Prada linen with gold metallic threads that I have in my stash. I have been wondering what to make with it.