Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweater coats, layering and an idea for a Spring top

 I could have subtitled this post as "Getting around is a bitch but I'm doing it"!  I've had a pretty busy week for my crippled self, coupled with sore ligaments and a still healing skinned knee -- you can  see the bandage through my tights.    Yesterday was a trip to the dentist for cleaning, and then the monthly luncheon and meeting of the Asheville United Daughters of the Confederacy chapter as a guest/prospective member.    The meetings are now held at the ABCCM Veterans Culinary School that caters lunch.    Lunch was their version of chicken cordon bleu with a delicious dijon sauce, julienned vegetables and chocolate creme brulee for dessert - no need to make dinner last night!   Most of the members are also members of the local DAR chapters, many in my chapter.   DH drove me and kept my friend Elizabeth's husband company.   We were their guests.  I wore this wool knit Loes Hinse sweater coat that goes with so many things over a wool crepe knit cardigan over a lightweight black turtleneck, tights and a stretch ponte knit skirt.   I always get complements on that sweater coat.   It was a good day for layering since it was around freezing even with the sun shining.    Those are my trusty Aerosoles boots.
I got an e-mail today from Neiman Marcus about the spring trend for stripes that I already wrote about.  I love playing with stripes of any kind so I wanted to share this idea.   Here's a very classy but really expensive top by Fendi ( $1,085) that inspires me to play with some of that ruffled knit fabric like Martha Myers used for her SW Olive tops.   To do this, all you need is enough to put horizontally on the front of a plain knit top that you make or even buy.   Or, if you have some quality grosgrain or petersham ribbon around, wash it first to soften it up, and then using a high quality fabric paint like Pebeo Setacolor,  paint the edges and apply it in strips as they did here,  making a bow on the first row.   You don't have to be neat with the paint because they weren't!  Voila, you have a knock-off of a thousand dollar + top.

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  1. Terri, sorry to hear that you are still struggling with your health. I've been thinking about you. Carolyn